Tell the truth in motherhood or get a nose job (creative writing, I’m totally thinking out loud blog post)

The truth is I`m sitting here tapping away at the keyboard procrastinating on a sponsored blog post I should be writing.

Want to hear some more truth bombs?

If I told you I did things ahead of time, I’m organized, always on top of my workload, housework, and all the other hats I wear as a mother: chauffeuring, counseling, cooking, cleaning, the list goes on, then I would be straight up… lying!

In fact, my nose would be longer than Pinocchio’s. The tip of it would touch my computer screen.

Okay, but seriously, wouldn’t it be eye-opening (and funny), if our noses actually did grow when we lie and mask how we really feel about motherhood? Seriously, could you imagine how many moms would be walking the streets with noses longer than Pinochocio?  It would be insane. We would all look like clones!

This could, however, motivate mothers to get honest with themselves, and those around them, instead of going off and paying for an expensive nose job.

In all seriousness, being an honest parent takes a tremendous amount of vulnerability and courage. The fear of being judged is such a strong force within a mother`s being, that in some cases, masking our parenting imperfections with highlight reels, feels better than telling the god honest truth!

Here are some examples of some of the lies I’ve told myself in motherhood:

I’ve lied about the loneliness I’ve felt. I’ve hidden the  McDonald’s happy meal we have fed our kids and instead, I’ve shared photos of the healthy green smoothie or whatever I made that wasn’t fast food. I’ve hidden the truth about the times I’ve wanted to hide in a closet and cry. Why the hell would I want to tell anyone I feel like I’m failing at motherhood and I feel like I’m going to have a breakdown? I’ve lied to my kids about eating their Halloween Candy. Oh, yeah and I’ll never forget the time I  tried baking for my children’s class when I fully know I hate baking! So I was totally lying in motherhood about that one.

In addition, I  don`t show the times I  want to lose my shit on my children. Nor do I always disclose the truth about the times I’ve compared myself to other moms I think have all their shit together. I  lie to myself all the time, telling myself I  don`t need self-care. I tell myself there`s no time to make myself a priority. And the worst lie of all: saying I’m loving every minute of motherhood!

O.K., so maybe you haven’t lied about any of these things or maybe you just tell different motherhood lies. And if you haven`t told any motherhood lies, then big props to you!  If our noses actually did grow if we lied, you`d be the mom that doesn’t look like Pinocchio.

In all seriousness, and more importantly, from a character perspective, you’d be known as the brave mom. The mom who has learned not to give two flying birds what other moms think. The mom who doesn`t need validation from other moms, because the truth of your existence isn`t measured by other people`s opinions. You would be the epitome of honest motherhood and your courage, authenticity, vulnerability, and hotness would inspire moms everywhere to trade in their sharp, long, pointy Pinocchio noses in for real-life ones.

Bravo, honest mom with the beautiful nose moms are longing for, keep telling yourself the truth, it looks good on you!

PS. I think my nose just shrunk a few inches from writing this 😉

7 thoughts on “Tell the truth in motherhood or get a nose job (creative writing, I’m totally thinking out loud blog post)

  1. I love your posts in general, Jamie, but this one really resonated with me. In today’s society, with the progression of women in the workplace and the never ending discussion of gender equality, it’s like we’ve piled on even more – just to prove that we can do it all. Perhaps this is something we’ve done to ourselves but I so agree with you – it’s much better to be transparent and authentic – and honest about not being able to do it all. To lose your shit at least once a week (be it over children, work, relationships, or whatever). And to tell yourself it’s okay – and you’re not alone. Love that you share like this so regularly… keep it coming… I’m gonna pouring myself a glass of wine once I finish typing this! xx

    1. Thanks so much for reading, Cindy. It’s so true, moms in today’s society do have that “I have to do it all” mentality. I think when we’re honest with ourselves and others we create a safe space for people to be vulnerable, feel less judged, and most importantly less alone in this whole work/life/parenting balance thing. Enjoy that wine, mama. You SO deserve it! xx

  2. Haha that is the truth! It almost feels like I wrote this…#motherhoodlies. Lol. There’s no easy formula to motherhood/parenting. Every situation is different and I think I’ll always be learning til I’m 80. I do commend you for managing time with your blog, events and with your family. I need time management lessons -full time job, family, blogging…. 😴. Thanks for sharing this post…we all needed that 😊


    1. Thank you for reading, Merryl.

      There really is no easy formula to motherhood. We’re all doing the best we can. There’s something so refreshing about telling the truth in motherhood though. If we could all admit that it isn’t always rainbows and unicorns and perfectly curated Instagram feeds I think we would all feel like we’re doing a better job than we think.


  3. I love this post!!! I’m not a mom, clearly, but you’re making me excited to be one! You’re doing just fine girl… eat that McDonald’s and just know that the other moms who you may think are judging you are hiding the same happy meal.

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