Healing from the inside out with Qi Integrated Health


In the fall I walked into Qi Integrated Health feeling alone, frustrated and in all honesty, scared of what was happening to my health. I was having what felt like a flare up of my autoimmune disease for what felt like over a year. I wrote about some of the symptoms I was feeling in a past blog post. You can read it here. That post was written more than a year and a half ago and after I shared that blog post I began feeling increased flare-ups, inflammation, and symptoms associated with my disease. I knew some emotional things I was suppressing were a huge trigger and although I was beginning to feel aware of this I still needed to seek out some help from some medical professionals. Sadly, the medical professionals I was seeing weren’t giving me any answers. The appointments were usually a quick fix approach. They would adjust the medicine and advise me to get my blood work done in a few weeks. Each time I did this, my blood work was coming back without any improvements and my physical symptoms were still present. For this reason, when I found Qi Integrated health my hope was I may finally find a place that could help me on my healing journey.

In the past few weeks, I’ve been sharing about my healing journey with Qi Integrated Health on Instagram. The experience has truly been invaluable. My feelings and symptoms never felt dismissed. When I enter the clinic I’m always greeted as if I’m at the spa with tea. The doctor always comes down to greet me and during the appointments, she always shows a deep concern for my personal well-being; emotional and physical. Qi Integrated health offers many types of alternative programs for healing and I was fortunate enough to meet with Dr. Hyndmann who practices both conventional medicine and alternative methods.

Over the course of our visits, she got to know my medical history, work life, home life, interests and deepest concerns. When she looked at me while I spoke I could feel that she was fully present. She asked me a lot of questions and sent me to see a specialist/ Endocrinologist at UBC. After I saw the specialist I felt immediate gratitude. I  was so grateful Dr. Hyndman found me such an informative, kind endocrinologist! The few I’ve seen in the past were not, let’s just say, my cup of tea!


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This past year and a half my health has been challenging me in ways it never has before. For this reason, I decided to take the integrative medicine route so I could find ways to heal my mind, body, and spirit. After all, I do feel strongly that each of these is connected and after years of just using medicine to help alleviate some of the symptoms from my autoimmune disease I've realized I need to take further action to heal from the inside out. @qiintegratedhealth uses a multidisciplinary approach both conventional and alternative to help heal their patients. In my next couple of posts, I'll be sharing with you some of my journey and experience at @qiintegratedhealth. Has anyone else tried an integrative health approach? #stylingtheinside

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Upon my very first visit @qiintegratedhealth it felt like I entered an oasis. The energy and vibe felt completely different from the clinical offices I have been visiting over the last year and a half. In all honesty, I started to hate sitting in waiting rooms at doctors offices. At Qi, however, I was asked if I would like some tea to sip on from the friendly staff. They have ginger which is my absolute favourite, so they totally won me over with that! In all seriousness, it felt so nice to feel relaxed and comfortable (as if I was at a spa) while waiting to meet with Dr. Hyndman. I could already tell I was going to love getting used to @Qiintegratedhealth. Who doesn't love being treated like their at the spa? #stylingtheinside

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When I met with Dr. Hyndman @Qiintegratedhealth it truly felt like a breath of fresh air. Her genuine friendly attitude and deep concern with how I've been feeling made me feel an immediate connection with her. In the past, I've left the doctors offices feeling frustrated and sometimes upset. There were many occasions I felt like my feelings and symptoms were being dismissed. I didn't, however, feel this way with Dr. Hyndman. During our one hour long consultation we discussed my health history from the very beginning. In addition, she took the time to get to know my deepest health concerns and my lifestyle. After I left the consultation, I felt a huge sense of relief. I was finally going to get some much-needed guidance from someone who practices conventional and alternative methods of healing. It was the first time in a while I felt less alone on my journey to healing. 🙌🏻💙 #ad #stylingtheinside #stylingtheinsidepartner

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Dr. Hyndman has left me with an action plan to help me heal from the inside out.

5 Pillars of Health Optimization Plan 

Priority/Focus: MindSet

“Today’s Top Pillar”

Become aware of “all or nothing” thinking with intention to shift to flexible mindset

Focus on time management and organization in mornings to minimize feeling scattered and decrease forgetfulness. This will also decrease worry and stress about “getting it all done”

Practice saying no and remind yourself that you are choosing to focus on your true values and what matters to you.

Earlier bedtime- no later than 10:30 pm- but still including time for yourself reading print (no screens)



Remembering intention to shift from “all or nothing”, aim for doing your favorite local hiking trail for 1 hour at least once a week.
You love hot yoga and feel excellent afterward. Aim for one yoga class at least once a week.
Aim for exercising with a friend at least once a week- jog, gym, exercise class.



You felt increased energy and better digestion on a gluten free diet.

Re- try a gluten free diet for 30 days.

Continue to avoid dairy products as you notice clearer skin and improved digestion.


Recommended Supplement

To be reviewed next visit after blood work completed, 14 days

Qty Size Name/Description AM Mid-Day PM Directions
1 60 caps CP1 Custom Probiotics

50 billion LU, 5 strain

X Take 1 capsule with food at dinner.
1 Large Omega 3 fatty acids X 2,000mg EPA/day

Dr. Hyndman has been so helpful in my healing journey. I can’t thank her enough. In fact, all of the staff at Qi Integrated health have been amazing. I highly recommend Qi Integrated Health if you are looking for ways to optimize your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. They will do their best to get you out of pain and into health. They have some of the best practitioners and offer massage therapy, chiropractic, physiotherapy, chiropractic, natural medicine, western medicine and TCM.

I’m so thankful fo my experience at Qi! They’ve been awarded the best of Vancouver and recently opened a new location on Robson!

Clinic hours are:

Monday to Friday   9am – 7:30pm
Saturdays 10am – 4pm
Sundays – 10am – 4pm
Statutory holidays – 10am-4pm,





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