Our family #staycation at River Rock Casino Resort

Sometimes a staycation is a perfect way to spend time with loved ones. They’re close in proximity, more affordable than paying for flights (especially for a family of five) and you get to explore places close to where you live you may not have explored otherwise.

When we found out my husband was off the entire Easter Long Weekend we thought a family staycation would be the perfect way to spend some fun quality time with one another without breaking the bank.

After our vacation to Disneyland in December, we realized that traveling with our kids and enjoying experiences together is far more important to us than anything else. We want to continue to enjoy experiences with one another instead of buying things for one another. We want to look back on the memories we make with one another because in the blink of an eye ( I know, I know, super cliché) but the kids will be grown and they won’t want to spend time with us anymore. My hope is that my daughters continue to bond when they’re older and my hope is that by sharing more experiences as a family their bond will become stronger.

For this reason, we decided to stay at the River Rock Casino Resort for a two-night stay for the long weekend. We noticed they have an awesome pool with a slide (and that’s basically the one thing kids love about hotels the most). Once we saw pictures of it, we were pretty much sold!

Aside from the awesome pool with the super fun slide, River RockCasino Resort is ideal for families because it has a buffet, spa, restaurant, lounge, and of course, the casino. We’re lucky enough to have a daughter in her teens who babysat for us while we had some fun in the casino! You can even catch a show if there’s one playing at the theater too.

Things we loved about our stay

The Pool & slide, lounge chairs & hot tub

The Buffet

Free Self Parking ( it was a bit of a walk but it`s free so we didn’t mind. There is valet too).

Free WiFi

Room Service

The large spacious two bedroom suite

Robes, cozy slippers

Nespresso Coffee machine and specialty teas

The fantastic view from our suite

The large deck off the master bedroom in our suite with the spectacular view

Late night eats and drinks in the Casino Buffet

The excellent, quick service to our room

Our two bedroom suite at River Rock Casino Resort 

The face she made when she saw our spacious two bedroom suite

There was so much space Charley could do some gymnastics!


Two large cozy king size beds in each room

The Pool at River Rock Casino Resort

The first thing the girls wanted to do (obviously) check out the pool! This is where we spent the first couple of hours at the resort. I love that they provide chase lounge chairs, small tables, and towels. I relaxed poolside while the girls had a blast in the pool.


We spent a lot of time here!! 

In-suite dining at River Rock Casino Resort

One of the other things our girls love so much about hotel stays is ordering room service. We had a large two bedroom suite with a dining table so we decided to order room service and have breakfast together at the table. It was so nice to have so much space! It felt like the comfort of being in a home.


The view from the balcony

More things to do at River Rock Resort Casino Resort 

Visit the Casino or catch a show!


Grab a drink at the lounge!
Check out the buffet for breakfast, lunch or dinner and eat, eat, eat!
Enjoy some fine dining at Tramonto or check out the spa!


Don`t forget to grab some souvenirs at the gift shop! There`s also a ton of things to do in the area. We checked out the shopping outlets, some malls, a few parks, and restaurants during our two-night stay in Richmond. 

All in all, we had such a fun time at River Rock Casino Resort. I never would have thought this would be a great staycation place for families but now we know firsthand just how great it is! Charley was so sad to leave and the girls keep asking us, when are we coming back?

Someone was sad to say goodbye 😦

Thank you for a wonderful stay River Rock Casino Resort! We will definitely be back.In fact, I think we may come back for my dads 60th birthday!


2 thoughts on “Our family #staycation at River Rock Casino Resort

  1. Wow River Rock looks like an amazing resort! I had no idea it had so many services and so kid friendly! I may need to borrow your teenage daughter so we can hit the casino too… lol

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