DIY Easter bunny

Once upon a time I worked in preschools and ran my own childcare center. When I decided to give my early childhood educator life a break I pretty much I gave up on doing crafts with my girls. In other words, I was over it. I prefer open-ended art anyhow but I  did provide the children I taught with teacher-led crafts once in a while, particularly during special occasions like Christmas, mother and fathers day, etc.

I don’t know what came over me but I felt inspired this Easter to do a simple DIY with the girls. I guess I just wanted to do something with them that didn’t only involve chocolate and candy so when we were shopping at the Walmart at Queensborough Landing Shopping Centre I decided to pick up some craft supplies so we could make a DIY keepsake bunny. I also thought it would be nice to make a bunny with them instead of just buying them a stuffed bunny. In fact, the girls were super excited and absolutely love how they turned out.

If you’re looking for a DIY simple Easter craft to do with your littles I’ve listed what you’ll need along with the instructions below.

What you’ll need


  1. Grab a long sock and fill the bottom part (this will be the bunnies body) with rice.
  2. Tie an elastic band around the bottom part that you just filled

3.Next, do the same thing for the bunnies head. Add more rice but not as much as the bottom and then tie and an elastic band to the top.

4. Cut the ears by cutting the sides of the top part of the sock so they droop.

5 . Now place googly eyes on the face with glue. We used a glue gun, but regular glue works too.

6. Cut a triangle nose out of the pink felt and glue it under the eyes

7. Cut bunny teeth out of the white felt by making a square and then adding a slit so it looks like pants.

8. Cut an oval or round shape for the stomach with pink felt and glue it onto the front of the body

9. Add a pompom for the bushy tail

And there you have it! A cute Easter sock bunny!


Thank you, Queensborough Landing Shopping Centre Walmart for inspiring me to do an Easter DIY craft with my girls!

Happy long weekend everyone!


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