Entertainment with positive female role models for young girls on Netflix

In February I became an official member of the Netflix Stream Team! This year I will be sharing with you, our families favourite Netflix shows and why, the lessons these shows bring us, new releases and so much more!

March was a significant month because we celebrated International Women’s Day!  I consider myself a feminist and as a mother of three girls, I’m always striving to help my daughters realize their full potential. I never want them to feel held back because of their gender. Ever! Therefore, having strong female role models in their life can help them break gender stereotypes. For this reason, the shows they watch make a lasting impression because they look up to certain characters. I want to make sure these role models they’re watching are guiding and leading them positively.

When I was their age I loved watching Full House. I really looked up to DJ Tanner because she was the oldest sister in the house. I felt like I could relate to her because after my older sister moved out of the house I was the oldest in the home. I loved watching her experience the good and the not-so-good realities of growing up and I often admired the way she handled the growing pains in life. She was lucky to be surrounded by loving, supportive family members who unconditionally cared for her. This show truly helped shape my outlook on life and I’m so grateful it was positive with many life lessons. I’m so glad I can watch it all over again with my daughters on Netflix too!

Today, my daughters watch a variety of television shows on Netflix, they really love Fuller House. And I’m excited to introduce them to some new ones with more strong female characters such as:

Julie’s Greenroom — a new show starring Julie Andrews. The interactive show features a wonderfully diverse puppet cast that explores everything from singing to acting to writing and more.

 Project MC², a teen live-action miniseries that unlocks young girls’ interests in science, technology, and coding. 

 Beat Bugs, where parents can join in on catchy sing-alongs and share their love for nostalgic hits from The Beatles.

I hope these shows inspire and motivate my daughters to continue to learn, keep pushing past their fears, take on a new project, get up and move and most importantly, be the best version of themselves they can be!

Check out Netflix’s list of Shows to Grow and Learn By, to explore enriching titles as a family.

Aside from strong female characters what shows have you watched on Netflix that have inspired you lately?

My most recent game-changing inspiration came from Minimalism- a documentary about two men who went from having everything to living with less. I’ll be writing about how it made me become more conscious of consumption in another post.

I love engaging in shows that inspire me!

*This post was written in partnership with Netflix.

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