Doing things that fill me up on the inside help me glow on the outside

Two weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of being treated to a MAX + customized facial at the brand new SkinCeuticals by Project Skin located inside CF Richmond Centre.





I want to tell you I was super excited to go in for my MAX+ customized facial at the new SkinCeuticals by Project Skin located inside CF Richmond Centre, but the truth is, it was making me feel anxious. It was close to the end of the week and my husband and I were leaving on a romantic getaway to Victoria the next day. I guess internally I felt like going to Project Skin for a 75- minute treatment seemed rather indulgent. I considered rescheduling my appointment so I could get things done before the kids were out of school for a two-week long Spring Break, and prepare for some last minute things for the romantic getaway my husband and I were going on. I continued with my scheduled appointment despite my feelings of selfishness, and urgency.

When I arrived at the absolutely stunning new SkinCeuticals by Project Skin two friendly medical aestheticians gave me a warm welcome, offered me some tea, and gave me a moment to have a look around. I consulted with the aesthetician who was giving me my MAX+customized facial while I drank my warm, soothing tea as we conversed a bit about my skin. I told her about my concern with some small bumps I was getting on my cheeks and that I felt my skin was lacking hydration and luster.

When I stepped foot into the treatment room I was given a few moments to change. The lovely spa music filled the room, and as I began to undress I thought to myself, this is so peaceful. It felt like the perfect way to forget about the outside world. Yet I still couldn’t shake the this is kind of indulgent feeling either. I crawled under the warm covers on the heated bed, placing my head gently on the pillow. I closed my eyes for a few minutes until the aesthetician came into the room.


When she began my treatment, she was gentle and made sure I knew step-by-step what she was applying to my skin, along with the ingredients and benefits. After the facial, I was given the LED therapeutic light treatment.  She explained that this added treatment would help rebalance, calm, and brighten my skin. This treatment helps boost the effects of the facial.


After the light treatment, I received an arm and hand massage. It felt heavenly, but the aesthetician said something to me that struck a chord within. She told me I felt very, “tense” and to try to relax my arms. And then I remembered that the last time I was given a massage a few years back the massage therapist mentioned to me after my treatment that I was very tense and had a ton of knots. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but when I was laying on the warm, cozy treatment bed getting my arm massaged I thought, I am so tense! I’ve been tense for so long! Here I am in this relaxing, therapeutic, inviting, stunning new Project Skin, getting an amazing facial, and massage, and yet I’m still tense. I took a deep breath in and told myself to relax and let my body actually feel the massage.

After my treatment was finished, my skin had a bright glow. It was a bit red but I was told this would subside in a few days. I got dressed and picked up my phone. Suddenly, I felt as if I was bombarded in that 75 minutes. There were emails, Instagram messages,  twitter and Facebook notifications, and two missed phone calls displayed on the home screen.

The feeling of bliss and peacefulness that my mind and body were so resistant to during my treatment was still somewhat with me. I could feel it because naturally, my body tenses up when I’m overwhelmed with these types of notifications. I get this feeling of panic that takes over and it feels like I’m sinking further and further into the bottom of the ocean and I can’t keep up with the strong waves that are hitting me. But after my treatment, that feeling of drowning passed and I had this feeling like I could come up above the water and get some air. I was going to be o.k.

Life has a funny way of sending us messages. I was so ambivalent about going in for my treatment at the new SkinCeuticals by Project Skin but the experience and arm massage was, in fact, a message in disguise. It was a message to me to stop being on the go, go, go. It was a message to my mind to let my body relax. It was a message to stop feeling like doing things for myself is such an indulgent thing.

In short, the main message I needed to receive was this: taking care of my skin isn’t vain, it’s actually something that goes beyond the surface because the time we make for self-care (no matter what it is) is an opportunity for us to get to know ourselves better. It’s an opportunity to be present in the moment and it gives us the tools we need to become more mindful, and self-aware.

I am SO grateful I didn’t reschedule my treatment at the brand new SkinCeuticals by Project Skin at CF Richmond Centre. It helped me see that I will keep drowning if I don’t make time for me once in a while. In other words, I can’t glow on the outside if I’m not taking the time to do things that fill me up on the inside.


*This post was written in partnership with Project Skin. 

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