My kids are always surprising me so I decided to #surprisethemback


“The best surprises are the ones when someone makes an effort to make you smile”

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My children are always surprising me. I don’t think a day goes by when I’m not surprised by something they do. When they were babies they surprised me when they hit developmental milestones and then as they became more independent, and started talking, their personalities really began to shine through. The unexpected surprises our children give my husband and I always put a smile on our faces! For example, our youngest daughter has such a silly personality. She is constantly surprising us with her funny dance moves, silly poses in photos, and the wise, witty things she says.

Surprises are such a huge part of our lives but the thing is they aren’t always positive. Sometimes we’re surprised with bad news, unexpected weather, unfortunate events and just plain old bad days.

For this reason, I really love surprising my daughters with fun, simple and sometimes big surprises! I want to give them the most positive upbringing possible. I know they will inevitably have to face tough life surprises so I want them to remember the positive surprises they received from us if they’re ever having a hard day. I want them to know we’re always thinking of them, and we always have their backs.

How I surprise them back

I’ll never forget the first time I left my daughter a note in her lunch kit. She came home, thanked me and gave me a gentle hug.  Something so little meant so much to her. I remember my dad surprising my sisters and me with small brown bags of candy after work occasionally. And my mom used to surprise us with mini sugar donuts or fries and gravy when we came home from school.

In addition, this past Christmas we surprised our daughters with a trip to Disneyland! This wasn’t a simple surprise, it was quite big but I hope the surprise and memories we made are something they’ll never forget.

Recently, I surprised our youngest with some Kinder Surprise eggs. She is so obsessed with Kinder Surprise. I think it’s just so exciting for her to find out which toy she is going to get inside! I put them in her tent along with some flowers and a tea set so we could have a little tea/ Kinder Surprise party.

She was so ecstatic when she came from school and saw her surprise.

I truly believe parenting is the toughest job in the world, but it’s also the most rewarding. Putting smiles on our children’s faces with simple surprises is the least we can do for the invaluable experiences, memories and unconditional love they give us every day.



IMG_5131 (1)


You can #Surprisethemback too on with a letter and enter to win a $500 Toy shopping spree!

I wrote a letter to my girls thanking them for surprising me when they help one another out without me having to ask. These are the best kind of surprises, especially if you have children who tend to bicker from time to time. LOL!

You can also head to my Instagram page and enter to win a tent just like the one I put Kinder Surprise eggs in for my daughter. Simply comment on the Instagram post with how you have surprised your child and follow the @KinderCanada Instagram account to be entered to win.



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