Go away Winter! Spring has arrived #onRobson 

The other night I attended the media preview of the 2017 Spring Collection #onRobson at the Blue Horizon Hotel. The view from the 31st floor is spectacular and the room was buzzing with conversation from some of Vancouver’s most fashionable bloggers and influencers. Champagne, canapes, and displays of racks with Men and Women’s Spring apparel, shoes, and accessories filled the room.

The brands on display at the preview included The Gap, Boys’ Co., Steve Madden, Plenty, Eddie Bauer, Couturist, RYU Apparel, Forever 21 and Swarovski.

I was drooling over the blush, and floral light Spring jackets, printed one-pieces, open toe shoes, and gold accessories!

Now if only our Vancouver weather would just cooperate! *insert eye roll.


Anyone else totally over this weather and ready to break out their Spring wardrobe too? It’s amazing how colorful prints, florals, and lighter pieces can uplift our spirits!

Florals by Jaleh Fotoohi – @Jevents.Planning.Design

Fashion Illustration by MelEesa Lorett – @Maelleigh

Photos: Robson Street 

7 thoughts on “Go away Winter! Spring has arrived #onRobson 

  1. Sounds like it was a great event. They have some really nice looking fashion pieces for Spring. I love the jewellery, need to check those out. I’m so over winter too!

  2. Spring is just around the corner so having to wear a beautiful floral patterned dress will makes you feel happy! The dress you post are pretty with the necklace and wrist watch! Can’t wait for spring! I don’t like the cold and rainy weather!! It always makes me upset.

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