“Truth telling unlocks people” My favourite quotes from Glennon Doyle Melton Author of Love Warrior

Every once in a while when I’m cooking in the kitchen or cleaning or doing something mundane like that, I’ll turn on the TV and watch a recorded episode of Super Soul Sunday. I’ve always been a huge Oprah lover. In fact, I remember sitting in the living room and crying when she had her very last episode. Yes, that’s how much I love the Big O! What can I say, I’m a spiritual junkie! So anyhow, I happened to catch her interview with Glennon Doyle Melton – author of Love Warrior. I’ve heard so, so many great things about this book! The reason I haven’t read it yet is because I have so many books on the go. After watching this interview, however, I will most definitely be picking up a copy of Love Warrior. And just to let you know this isn’t a sponsored post. I was just so inspired by watching this interview that I felt compelled to share some of my takeaways with you.

In this interview they discuss how sharing the truth of our lives is the key to unlocking a true spiritual connection with those around us. 

Below are my favorite quotes from the interview:

I no longer think I’m a mess. I think I’m a deeply feeling person in a messy world. -Glennon

Glennon talking about attending recovery meetings:

“Honest people are my people! These people’s outsides matched their insides. I found my people! I wanted to make my whole life a recovery meeting because of the truth and comfort of being with honest people.” 

Oprah talking about the black sheep of the family, this really struck a cord with me when she said:

“There is no such thing as a black sheep. They are just the ones in the house growing up who absorbed everything around them differently. They are the sensitive ones and they are a gift. 

Glennon: “Yes! They are sensitive people responding to a broken world.”

Glennon on truth-telling

“Every time you tell the truth it clears the field for other people to tell the truth.”

“Truth telling unlocks people” 

“Theres a system of telling the truth that breaks us into two” 

“If we can’t express our inside, we tell the truth with “something else” instead of our words and it shows on our outside”

On Glennon’s broken marriage

“Crisis helped me find a truer identity

There’s a difference between saving your marriage and saving your soul. I chose saving my soul. 

Everyone has an opinion

So I had to get still

Our mind is words over and over

But the soul is just a knowing

And it’s opposite of the words

The fear in the mind is words

and knowing only tells you the next right thing not the 5-year plan

Be still and know

It’s about the precise thing that’s directed to you, not about the right or wrong thing”  

And finally:

Rock bottom women are the brave, wise ones. 

In conclusion, this interview spoke volumes to me. If we want more connection and happiness in our lives we have to dig deep, get comfortable telling and living our truth and get still. If we want our insides to match our outsides than truth-telling is the answer. If we want to truly spiritually connect with those around us then we have to live our lives like we’re in a recovery meeting; vulnerable, brave and honest.

Ps. I cried while I watched this episode.


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