My future date with Pine-Sol Spring Blossom #YesitsPineSol

I need Spring in my life.

Every time I look out the window at the bare branches of the trees I get this feeling of anticipation. It makes me excited for the beautiful pink blossoms to start blooming and then when I think of the beautiful blossoms I think about… Spring Cleaning! I know what you’re probably thinking. This woman is a lunatic. Most people look forward to the sunshine and blossoms, the sun going down later and all that jazz. But the number one thing that excites me about spring is honestly the cleaning. Perhaps it’s the clean freak in me but what I can say, it makes me all happy inside. I’m Danny Tanner from Full House and my three girls hate it. Omg and I just realized we also have a golden retriever! We are the blended race Full House family! LOL.

So, why am I telling you all of this? What the heck is the point and why am I babbling to you about spring cleaning, and Danny Tanner and my obsessive compulsive disorder with styling the inside of my home and having it neat, good smelling, and uncluttered?

Well, I’m telling you about my love for cleaning in the Spring because of Pine-Sol! Yes, Pine- Sol the cleaning product you probably grew up smelling in your home, you know the one that smells like pines). They sent me some cleaning products and a bottle of their new Spring Blossom scent. And guess what? The bottle is PINK!  It’s a mix of Jasmine, Magnolia, and Orange Blossom. I’m a sucker for scent and I like pink and I’m a clean freak, so naturally when I saw the package I got all happy and excited and did a little happy dance while I took a giant whiff of the bottle and inhaled it like it was a drug. I have never inhaled drugs but I’m assuming that’s how I looked. Like a druggie getting my fix.

Anyhow, I haven’t used it yet. I’m saving it for a special occasion. I’ll probably wait for a day when the kids are out of the house, turn on some upbeat tunes, put on my rubber gloves and dance around the house with the mop inhaling the delightful new Spring Blossom scent. Hmm, maybe I’ll have a glass of wine too for my romantic date with Pine-Sol Spring Blossom.

Man, I love spring cleaning my home!

*Pine-Sol multi-surface cleaners help you keep your entire house clean with a variety of fresh scents. This powerful multi-surface cleaner provides 4X cleaning action, by deodorizing and cutting through grease grime and dirt. Available nationally at grocery and discount retailers. 1.4 L $4.49

*This post was written in partnership with PinesolCanada 


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