OMD fleece pullovers support moms in the community battling Cancer

A few weeks ago I was asked to take part in a community photo shoot with Modern Fort to help bring awareness to a campaign that’s very close to my heart. The OMD campaign in the third year is giving back directly to those battling cancer (who are nominated by the community) with random acts of kindness, experiences, and more. This year, proceeds from the OMD fleece pullover will specifically and personally be going back to moms. And I think that’s pretty amazing!

“Modern Forts newly designed OMD fleece pullovers are dedicated to moms battling cancer in the community. Partial proceeds from each shirt will be going back to surprise some deserving moms in the community who’ve most likely put others (such as their families) before themselves. Modern Forts  objective is to raise awareness for early detection – seriously… check yourself – to provide emotional support to moms currently battling the fight of their lives, and to create an inclusive environment for moms to support one another in a journey such as this.”-Joanne Ma Founder Modern Fort

084_omd_modern_fort-1 016_omd_modern_fort

097_omd_modern_fort 024_omd_modern_fort

042_omd_modern_fort  001_omd_modern_fort

009_omd_modern_fort 102_omd_modern_fort

089_omd_modern_fort 032_omd_modern_fort

077_omd_modern_fort 093_omd_modern_fort

So, let’s get real for a second. Cancer sucks. Everyone knows it. It’s not pretty. Our goal for this campaign isn’t to make it go away. There are many organizations out there doing great things to raise money for research and state of the art equipment that will truly help transform the way cancer patients are being treated. But that’s not us. We’re taking a more personal approach. When going through cancer, the individual is beaten. Physically, mentally, emotional, and spiritually. Sometimes the last thing you want to hear is more money going to research as you feel it won’t help you right now, right this second when you’re feeling incredibly low. So, our goal is to help change that a little bit. At least try and put a smile back with a little love. -Joanne Ma Founder Modern Fort

054_omd_modern_fort 046_omd_modern_fort

Order yours today at

For more information about this cause visit

Photos courtesy of Vairdy Photography 

3 thoughts on “OMD fleece pullovers support moms in the community battling Cancer

  1. Just ordered! I love this initiative – to lift the spirits of someone going through such a difficult time. Thank you!

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