10 benefits Random Acts Of Kindness have on our well-being

The other day I got my car stuck in the snow. I sat in my car feeling helpless while I hit the gas as hard as I could in reverse. The only thing moving was my tires and all I could hear was the sound of them spinning and spinning in place while my engine sounded like it was going to blow up in smoke!

I couldn’t believe it was happening. And to top things off, I  was going to be late for an appointment.

I could feel anxiety rising from the pit of my stomach while I tried, again and again, to back my car out of the pile of snow. I could see people passing by from my rearview mirror taking a quick glance at my car. My insecurities and embarrassment felt like a slap in the face as I thought to myself, “Those people are laughing at me.”  Whether they were laughing or not wasn’t going to get my car out of the snow so I brushed off my embarrassment and attempted again to back my car out of the snow.

On my third attempt as I had my foot full-force on the pedal and the car’s engine sounded like I was doing it some serious damage, I looked to my left and noticed a man standing at my window. At first, it scared the living crap out of me but then I felt a huge sigh of relief.  I rolled my window down and said with a red-face and embarrassed tone, ” Hi, I’m stuck, but you can clearly already see that.” The man smiled and began giving me some direction.

First, he told me which way to turn my wheels, and when I should be hitting the gas. We did this a few times until my car finally made it out of the snow pile. The relief I felt once my car was finally out of the snow was so high that I felt like giving the man a giant hug, tip or something for his help. I looked at him with immense gratitude and said in a tone of utter relief, “Thank you SO much! You saved me a tow truck fee and I’m only a few minutes late for my appointment. Basically, you made my day!” The kind man simply said with a grinning smile “You’re welcome“ and walked away.

His random act of kindness made me feel so grateful, and it put a smile on my face for the rest of the day!

Random acts of kindness make the giver and the recipient feels good on the inside, and studies show that these simple acts of kindness are beneficial to our overall well-being.

Below, I’ve listed 10 benefits random acts of kindness have on our well-being:

Prevent’s Bullying Behavior

I’ve written about my childhood bullying behavior on the blog a few times. Bullying is a complex topic that brings up a slew of emotions for me. I was an insecure child who wanted other children to feel hurt ultimately because I was hurting. In short, I  began to cultivate kindness when I realized that hurting other people’s feelings weren’t making me feel better, it was, in fact, making me feel worse.

When I began to practice kindness to the children at school, I became happier because I was making other people happier!

Increases Happiness

Random acts of kindness give off an endorphin high. You know the one you get after a kick-butt workout class? This endorphin release makes us feel happy and joyful and this happy, joyful feeling is also contagious. In other words, when we exude this type of energy other people benefit from it too! It’s a win-win.

Boosts Self-Confidence

When we’re kind to others, we’re happier and when we’re happier this increases our sense of self-worth.

Creates an Optimistic Attitude

It’s really hard to be a Negative Nancy when those endorphins have kicked in from doing something kind for someone else or when someone has done something kind for you! In fact, I was feeling quite negative when my car was stuck and I couldn’t get out but when someone offered their help, my negative attitude diminished and I felt optimistic that I may actually get my car out!

Fosters Empathy

When we give random acts of kindness it’s because we want whatever our act of kindness may be to make the recipient feel good and happy. This fosters empathy because we’re putting ourselves in the other person’s shoes. For example, the kind man who helped me was being empathic and this showed by his actions.

Creates Connection

When the kind man helped me get my car out of the snow, I felt a sense of connection to him. This feeling of connection happens when we’re kind to one another and connect with others is essential to our overall happiness and well-being.

Natural Anti-Depressant

Being kind has never resulted in me feeling worse. In fact, it always brightens up my day. I swear kindness is like a natural anti-depressant!

Relieves Stress

When my car was stuck in the snow I felt this immediate feeling of stress take over my body until… someone came and kindly helped me! It was so crazy how relieving it felt when someone simply offered their random help.

Improves Social Life

When we’re kind to others, we become more likable which in turn creates a connection. This connection leads to community and having a sense of community helps us have more of a social life! Socializing is so good for our happiness and well-being.

Encourages Gratitude

I really didn’t know how to express my gratitude to the man who helped me with my car in the snow. Although I was the one who ultimately got my car out of the snow, I probably wouldn’t have calmed down if he didn’t approach me and ask if I needed help. I think I was so grateful because someone actually made the effort to help me out instead of just feeling sorry for me and carrying on with their day. Giving and receiving random acts of kindness creates a gratitude attitude!

In conclusion, if you want to make someone feel good on the inside (while benefiting your well-being at the same time), practice random acts of kindness!


“No matter what our differences, kindness is always a choice worth making” says, Judy Black, Marketing Director at Metropolis at Metrotown.

This year Metropolis at Metrotown has joined the movement against bullying, working with the CKNW Orphans’ Fund for Pink Shirt Day from February 6 – 22, 2017.

From February 6 – 22, customers will be invited to share their pledges on how they can Make Nice and what random acts of kindness they can do for others through the Metropolis at Metrotown digital channels.


img_4653-1 img_4663


For every pledge made, Metropolis at Metrotown will donate $1 to the CKNW Orphans’ Fund (up to $5000).

Students from the nearby Windsor Elementary School and Maywood Community School will be carrying out random acts of kindness to surprise and delight shoppers. In addition, Maywood Community School’s entire student body will be performing a flashmob dance performance in Grand Court!

“By taking part in Pink Shirt Day and raising awareness through working with the CKNW Orphans’ Fund, Maywood Community School and Windsor Elementary School, Metropolis at Metrotown is actively promoting kindness, solidarity, and tolerance towards each other,” said Judy Black, Marketing Director of Metropolis at Metrotown.

The official Pink Shirt Day “Make Nice” buttons will also be sold at Customer Service for $2/button from February 6 – 22, with all proceeds going to the CKNW Orphans’ Fund.

For more information on Make Nice at Metropolis at Metrotown visit: METMakeNice

In partnership with Metropolis at Metrotown, we want to give one lucky reader a $100 Gift Card cause it’s the kind thing to do! Hehe!

Enter Here 

Best of luck friends!

Share how you pledge to make nice on Instagram and Twitter using the Hashtag METMAkeNice and Metropolis at Metrotown will donate $1 for every post to the CKNW Orphans Fund. 

7 thoughts on “10 benefits Random Acts Of Kindness have on our well-being

  1. What a wonderful post, Jamie. So glad you were a recipient of such kindness – it gives one hope that there are wonderful things that do happen in this world, and not all the news is bad!

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