My Namaste Life

*This blog post is written in partnership with Namaste TV. Namaste TV believes that #mynamastelife is a great fit with  Styling the Inside approach to life.  Below I share what #mynamastelife means to me.

Namaste, the belief that there is a divine spark within each of us that is located in the heart chakra. We all have a divine spark within ourselves but sometimes this spark is lost, buried or even confused. I feel like it ebbs and flows while we’re on this journey called life but it’s always there lit up inside each of us, guiding and navigating us closer to our truth, to the person we were created to be.

Last month, I took a step back to evaluate what #mynamastelife means to me. What lights me up? What causes me to feel this divine spark? What things do I need to continue to do in my life to keep my namaste within ignited?


In January, I caught myself decluttering and trying to rid our home of many things we no longer need. I wanted to cleanse, and simplify. I wanted to have less and buy less so I can experience more. Having less also contributes to having to do less. Fewer toys to pick up, clothes to put away, etc. and more time spent doing more of the things I love, like spending time with my daughters instead of picking up around them. Having less stuff in the home has also helped me stay organized and tidy which helps me focus. In other words, simplifying helps me use my time (which is so precious) more effectively.

My namaste life is a simple life.


I’ve been making self-care a top priority. I’m listening to my body when it feels like it needs to rest ( and really trying to feel less guilty about not “doing” everything all the time.) Busyness is an addiction. People wear it like a badge of honor. I know I did. This year, however, I’m finding that the more I rest when my body needs, the more recharged I feel when I’m inevitably busy. I’ve had moments of bliss come out of this feeling. Moments where I catch myself thinking, ” You deserve this, You need this, Good for you for listening to your body.”

My namaste life means making time to care for me.

Surrounding myself with people who lift me higher 

In the beginning of 2017, I also made an effort to hang out more with people who lift me higher. It’s so easy to put off lunch dates and meet- ups but once I do them, I never regret it.

I met up with some girlfriends who help me stay on top of my business and personal goals in the beginning of January. This was the perfect way to start the new year. I love having friends who are so supportive in business and life! It isn’t always easy for us to meet-up in person but when we do, we all leave with a sense of gratitude and most importantly, a feeling of; I’m not alone in this journey.

In addition, I  had a lunch date with a friend who I rarely see anymore. It was so uplifting to connect with her in person, catch up on one another’s lives, all while losing track of time, laughing and forgetting there were other people in the room. It was an effortless date with a friend I love dearly.  I left that lunch date with a happy grin and told myself, that really lit me up. I need to do more of that!

In January, I  met up with an acquaintance for brunch. This brunch date was something we had planned for a year! Can you believe it? An entire year went by and we finally sat down face-to-face and enjoyed one another’s company. In this city, this happens a lot. We get busy and although the intention is there, sometimes it simply takes a long time to actually happen. Needless to say, I’m glad our intention turned into action. I got to know her on a more personal level and I love making these types of connections.

My namaste life means nurturing the relationships in my life.

Mindful eating 

Last year my struggle with my autoimmune disease was very challenging. My thyroid levels were out of balance. I was gaining weight, having dizzy spells, joint pain, brain fog, hair loss and more. In other words, there was some serious inflammation going on in my body. I did a cleanse in September, where I ate a raw diet for more than three weeks. After week two I began to feel so good. I had more energy, immaculate glowing skin, and my brain fog was diminishing. I could remember things again! I wasn’t walking into a room and forgetting what the hell I walked into the room for. I was feeling good; on the inside!

Consequently, once the cleanse was over and I slowly began adding everything back into my diet I began to feel sluggish, my brain fog came back, I’ve had less motivation, and achy joints. Needless to say, I’m committing myself to eating more mindfully so that I can heal from the inside out. I know that food is healing and I’ve felt the benefits of this so to live a namaste life I have to be willing to love myself and my body so I can heal from the inside out. When I’m feeling good on the inside my divine spark will shine physically and mentally!

My namaste life means eating healthy to nourish my body.

Exercise & Yoga 

Oh, exercise. It’s one of those things that I find so hard to begin but once I do, I feel SOOO good! I stopped exercising in September when I began my cleanse but this year I’m committed to getting back into exercising a few days a week. Since I’ve brought good old exercise back into my life, I feel like a million bucks! Those endorphins make me feel less moody. I have more energy, and I’m more patient with my kids. Obviously, there are physical benefits too but let’s just say the mental benefits are why I work out. I saw a quote once that said, “I work out to burn off the crazy” I laughed my butt off because that’s totally why I exercise too!

I’ve always loved working out at home because yes I’m going to state the obvious, I don’t have to leave the house! I’ve been doing at-home DVD workouts. I’ve  been feeling super sore from some of the intense workouts so I started doing yoga to stretch everything out.

In truth, yoga kind of scared me a few years ago. I felt like I had to be this flexible Gumby to do it but once I got into it I realized it’s for everybody. I love the way my body feels after, and I love the challenge of holding some of the poses. Since I love working out at home, and yoga can be intimidating I’ve been trying Namaste TV’s Digital Downloads.

Namaste TV aims to inspire others to try yoga, and get out on their yoga mat whenever and wherever! After having lunch with one of the Namaste TV directors she informed me that they believe that the practice of yoga should not be restricted to a certain space. In fact, any space can become a yoga space! For this reason, I’ve been practicing in the comfort of my living room on the comfiest Half Moon yoga mat provided by Namaste TV.

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You know how I was talking about “burning off the crazy” well, when I practice with Namaste TV’s digital Yoga downloads I may not be doing a crazy aerobic activity but I most definitely feel calm & relaxed. I’ll be practicing my yoga with Namaste TV a few days a week ( even if it’s just twenty minutes a day)  because in order to live #mynamastelife  I have to continue to do the things that uplift my mind, body & soul.

Light your favorite candle by the mat, take a sip of that calming tea, or put on your most comfortable yoga tank, and instantly you’re transported to your own yoga space. By inspiring people to maintain healthy habits on and off the mat and incorporate yoga into their everyday lives through simple and achievable gestures, we aim to help people create their own #mynamastelife.-Namaste TV

Namaste is defined as a divine spark within each of us but did you know the gesture of Namaste is an acknowledgment of the soul in one, by the soul in another?  I hope that by living and staying true to #mynamastelife values I inspire and awaken this divine spark in others.

Namaste friends!



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3 thoughts on “My Namaste Life

  1. I love that concept of a ‘yoga space’. Sometimes just changing up a few things that surrounds us makes the mind so much clearer and in turn, gets our body for exercise. Great read 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading! I love that I can whip out my mat at home and do these Namaste Digital downloads! Yoga clears my mind and helps me stretch out my sore muscles from workouts like the ones we do together. lol!

  2. Love this! I am all about self care. It’s so important on many different levels, especially when you are living with a chronic disease (which I am!). I feel like as my little ones get a bit older I might be able to incorporate more points of care for myself throughout my day.

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