5 of the best things in Victoria according to my five-year-old

The other day I asked my youngest daughter if she could travel anywhere ( I was asking because we have a special family Christmas surprise trip coming up and I wanted to see if her answer would be where we are headed.) And to my absolute surprise, her response was Victoria! My middle daughter said Hawaii, and our eldest wasn’t with us at the time but I’m pretty sure she would have named somewhere we would have to take a plane to.

Needless to say, it reminded me of how simple children are and how the memories we made on our recent short trip to Victoria were so special to my youngest daughter. It didn’t matter to her that it was just a ferry ride away. Regardless of the short  distance, it was a memorable trip she will never forget!

So I asked my daughter what she thinks the 5 best things are  in Victoria and this is what she said:

  1. The “Zedintaor” at Hotel Zed

According to my five-year-old, Hotel Zed has the fastest, coolest, “funnest” (5-year-old lingo)  awesome slide in the world!

The hotel is bright, and colorful, with a cool hippie seventies vibe.

Each night of our stay after venturing around the city, the girls looked forward to finishing the evening at  the pool at Hotel Zed.

Basically, when you travel with kids, you need to stay at a hotel with a pool but it can’t be any pool. A pool with a slide makes it the best trip ever!

img_9637 img_9639

2. The milkshakes breaded chicken strips & grilled cheese sandwich from Plutos

We have tried many milkshakes and we have also had our fair share of chicken strips and grilled cheese sandwiches  but… Plutos  had hands down the best milkshakes, chicken strips and grilled cheese sandwiches the girls said they have ever had!

We ended up eating at Pluto’s twice in the two days we were in Victoria! The girls ended up having milkshakes, chicken strips, and grilled cheese on our second visit too!

img_9596 img_9608 _mg_9972 _mg_9967

3. The Pumpkin carriage and cookies at Roost Farm Bakery & Vineyard

We had a tour of Roost Farm with lunch afterward. My five-year-olds absolute favorite things about our visit here were the awesome pumpkin carriage and of course, the delicious, freshly made in-house cookies!

_mg_9409 _mg_9407


4. The Old Spaghetti Factory

I tried to explain to my daughter that we have Old Spaghetti Factories at home too, but she insisted that the one in Victoria was the best. She says it because we sat in a cool booth with a bookshelf behind us. She also says the dessert there is so good and… they have the best crayons.



5. The Gray Line Bus Tour

Riding a double-decker bus around the city was not only an awesome way to see everything it was also like a dream come true for my five-year-old! I know super cliche, but it’s true. She’s always wanted to ride one of these!

Seriously, what kid doesn’t want to sit on the top deck of a double-decker bus? They just look so cool! Needless to say, this was the last best thing she chose.

img_9781 img_9743

If I gave her a larger number I’m sure she would have said a bunch of other things were the best things in Victoria too!

All in all, our family trip to Victoria was super memorable. It was a great way to spend some quality time with one another, relax a bit, make new memories, share fun experiences, and most importantly connect!

Family travel is something we haven’t done a ton of but I realized after our trip to Victoria that it’s invaluable and we can sacrifice materialistic things so we can travel more as a family.

At the end of the day, our children won’t remember the things we bought them but they will always  remember the memories we make together.

I’m looking forward to our surprise trip in a few weeks! You’ll know where soon!

I wonder if Victoria will still be her favorite after our next trip? We’ll soon find out!

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