Getting into the holiday spirit at a Wreath Making workshop #onRobson with Botany And Co.

On Sunday I attended a fun wreath making workshop, with Robson Street and Botany And Co at the large, stunning CB2 store #OnRobson.

The only Christmas crafting and DIY projects I’ve ever really done have been mainly geared towards kids. I was an Early Childhood Educator for many years, so needless to say, I prepped an immense amount of crafts for preschoolers during the holiday season.

I felt excited to attend the wreath making workshop #OnRobson because I rarely make things. I don’t get tactile with my hands, and although I was nervous I would end up with the funniest looking wreath in the entire Christmas universe, I did my best. And in the end, I think I did a pretty good job!

wreath-workshop-cb2-onrobson-5766 wreath-workshop-cb2-onrobson-5814

I definitely wouldn’t have been able to make my wreath without the help of the ever so talented Lauren from Botany And Co. She’s a kind, funny teacher, who helped us every step of the way!

When I saw Lauren’s sample wreath, my confidence in my ability to make a replicate felt small. However, our wreaths weren’t meant to all look the same! That would be so boring. In short, everyone’s wreath turned out a little different, and I can honestly say, I loved them all!

wreath-workshop-cb2-onrobson-5769 wreath-workshop-cb2-onrobson-5799

The entire evening was super relaxing. The process of making the wreaths felt therapeutic, and the conversation, and laughter with the other local bloggers that filled the room was so fun!

wreath-workshop-cb2-onrobson-5833 wreath-workshop-cb2-onrobson-5713

The room full of women complimenting, encouraging, uplifting, and getting to know one another during the wreath making process filled the room with such positive energy.

When women get together it should always feel this way!

Oh… and the Sandhill wine, appetizers from Milestones #onRobson, and cupcakes from Original Cupcakes #OnRobson  were the perfect addition to our workshop!

wreath-workshop-cb2-onrobson-5752 wreath-workshop-cb2-onrobson-5741-2 wreath-workshop-cb2-onrobson-5756

All in all, if you’re interested in a fun DIY workshop this holiday season, get your girls together and make some wreaths! It’s a sure-fire way to add some holiday cheer to your life, and a great addition to your home.

Photos: Robson Street

This is mine! I hung it on my door, and then I was sad because I couldn’t see it every day so… I hung it in my kitchen nook! I love the fresh smell, and I especially love knowing I made it myself!


Thank you, Robson Street and Botany And Co for making my house feel a bit like Christmas, my air smelling fresh, and for teaching me something new.


Steps on how to make a handmade wreath from Botany And Co 

Begin by separating stems and cutting each approximately 4-6″ in length. Bundle into small bunches, tie with wire. Repeat X 12.

Place the individual bundles along the wreath ( this is a green metal circle with two sides and a gap in the middle for the bundles to lay )  to your liking.

Strap the bundles on, layering each atop the previous bundle.

Tie on a wire to create a hanger.

Mist thoroughly each day to maintain freshness.







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