Get your glow on with 25-minute express facial treatments at PS Glow Room in Vancouver

The last time I had a facial was a year ago, and the only reason I did it was because I was on a kidless vacation and decided to treat myself at the Spa.

When I was invited to Project Skin for the launch event of their newest addition, the PS Glow Room, I was elated  to check out this expansion, and… I’m not going to lie, I was also extremely excited to get pampered with a facial!

When I arrived, I was open-mouthed in awe by the gorgeous and trendy design in the new PS Glow Room.


One of the main reasons I don’t get facials as often as I should is because of the lack of time I feel I have. As a busy mother of three, I don’t carve out “me time” as much as I would like. I’m sure most moms can agree with me on this one. Although self-care is needed in order to thrive as a parent it isn’t always a top priority.

Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised when I heard that the facials being given in the glow room, are signature 25- minute express facials. I can totally carve out 25 minutes for a facial!

And let me tell you, the 25-minute facial, chemical peel and light therapy treatment I was given made my skin feel AH-mazing for days!

“Located on the second floor of our downtown Vancouver locale, this is where med fell in love with spa and, oh, what a match made in skin heaven. The PS Glow Room marries clinical excellence with inviting luxury and functionality, helping you maintain healthy, glowing skin with the limited time you can spare.”




“Project Skin MD provides the complete Canadian lineup of SkinCeuticals products and supporting professional treatments like clinical peels, medical facials, and dermaplaning. Skincare programs are customized to every individual and managed based on evolving skin needs.”

I’ve been using SkinCeuticals for more than a week now thanks, to Project Skin and I’m loving it! My skin feels super smooth, and I love that the SPF doesn’t feel like most sunscreens. It’s very, very light!



Aside from the stunning facial bar, there are private rooms for additional  treatments such as Dermaplaning,  Light Therapy, Dermapen MicroNeedling and more.




In short, the PS Glow Room is  the perfect place to host a gathering with your girlfriends, bridal party, or have a facial treatment next to your mama!

There was definitely a need for an express facial bar like this in our city. I will be treating myself to a facial more than once every few years now that I know I can have an effective treatment in 25- minutes and even enjoy it alongside some friends.

Self-care is not selfish!

That said, let go of the guilt ( mommies, I know you have it) stop making excuses about not having time ( cause we can all carve out 25 minutes)  and  get your glow on at Project Skin, ( It’s like choosing a salad over the juicy burger, you won’t regret it!)



PS Glow Room Menu of Services

Get social with Project Skin 





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