Fill a shoebox and help a child in need this Christmas

During the  holiday season, I look for ways I can teach my children the importance of giving back. I try to emphasize this all year, however, during the Christmas season when my  children can get extremely absorbed in what gifts they would like to add to their wish list, I make an effort to remind them that although it feels  good to receive gifts, it is also very rewarding to give, particularly to those who are less fortunate.

This holiday season we are giving back to Operation Christmas Child. This organization and campaign bring shoeboxes filled with items such as toys, school supplies, hygiene products, and a personal note to millions of  children around the world.

“Over the past 24 years, the campaign has helped over 124 million children through Samaritan’s Purse. In 2015, over 700,000 boxes were collected in Canada and over 11 million worldwide. Last year, shoeboxes were delivered to countries like Uruguay, El Salvador, Senegal and Ukraine amongst many others. This year, the organizers want to exceed that goal.”

It’s super simple and an impactful way to give back. We are committed to helping Operation Christmas Child exceed their goal this year. And all it takes is simply filling one shoebox for a child in need.

We are committed to helping Operation Christmas Child exceed their goal this year. And all it takes is simply filling one shoebox for a child in need.

The other day my youngest daughter and I went to the store to purchase gifts to fill our Operation Christmas Child Box. She decided she would like to gift a girl her own age, and she chose items that she thought this little girl would enjoy. In other words, she chose items she would enjoy. Lol!

Below is a list of the items we purchased for the shoe box.

Hair tyes

Hair brush

Hair clips





Stuffed animal key chain


colourful pens


Fun activity pad with markers





We also wrote the girl a Christmas note and my daughter drew her a picture. Then we attached a girl label to the top of the box on the section that says label.



My daughter is so happy about the gifts she packed in her Operation Christmas Child Box. After we sealed the box she said excitedly, “I hope she likes everything I picked for her.”I replied with a smile, ” I don’t think she will like the gifts you chose, I think she will LOVE the gifts you chose!” Then I gave her a big giant kiss on the cheek and told her that filling this box with gifts for a child in need, is such a kind thing to do.


We will be dropping off our Operation Christmas Child Box at our nearest drop off location during national collection week which is November 14th to 20th.

If you’re looking for a simple way to give back this holiday season with your family, Operation Christmas Child is a fantastic way to put a smile on a child’s face this Christmas. In addition, it’s a wonderful way to have some philanthropic fun with our children while teaching them that the holidays are about giving back.


For more information please visit:

Participants are welcome to pack shoe boxes and bring them to a drop-off location or pack a shoebox digitally at


Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Operation Christmas Child. They provided me with a shoebox to fill for helping them spread the word about their philanthropic cause. Giving always feels good on the inside. Xx



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