The spooktacular Halloween spots we visited in Victoria B.C

Last weekend when we were in Victoria BC on a mini getaway with the family, we had some Halloween fun spotting the spooktacular  Halloween decorations  around the city.

Victoria is the oldest city in the Pacific Northwest. For this reason, the city has an immense amount of history.  Victoria takes pride in showcasing and bringing their history to life during the fall and especially during Halloween!

We were lucky enough to capture a few of their decorations around the city on our short visit.

Fan Tan Alley in Victoria was the coolest spot! As we walked through the narrow alleyway in the heart of Victoria’s China Town, we were captivated by spider webs that were strung above us. What a funky narrow alleyway! The spider webs were such a spooktacular addition to the brick walls!

img_9979 img_9982

img_9990 img_9985

img_9998  img_9995


While we were exploring the heart of Downtown Victoria, we passed by a bench with massive bat wings! How can you not stop for a photo? Well, I definitely couldn’t pass it up. Look, I’m  Bat Girl! There were also a few other bat benches around, but this is the only one we saw.


We also noticed the Market Square sign was changed to Market Scare! Naturally, I had to get a photo!img_0024


In addition to these spooktacular Halloween decorations, we also spotted some jack o lanterns on the streets of Oak Bay while we were on our hop-on-hop-off bus tour, exploring Victoria.

img_9843 img_9840


Some other places decked  out for Halloween in Victoria (but we unfortunately missed) were the bats in Trounce Alley, lights in the trees on Government street,  Haunted Bastion Square, and The Bat Centre.

With only so much time and a family in tow, it can be challenging  to see and do everything.

We did, however, manage to visit the Vancouver Island Corn Maze. The corn maze always feels like a fun family friendly Halloween type activity to visit with the family. This one, however, was the largest corn maze we’ve ever been too!

The corn maze had a  British Columbia theme. It was so neat when we looked at the map from a bird’s-eye view.

In addition, the corn maze had a corn sandbox (which my youngest was obsessed with)! We could NOT get her out!!

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to walk through the entire corn maze. We did, however, stay within the kid area, and although our shoes were muddy, it was the perfect weather and a ton of Halloween family fun!

img_9478  img_9495

img_9511 img_9521

Last but not least, (I’ll be sharing more fun things to do and see with your family in Victoria in another post) we had Halloween fun at Roost Farm Centre. They have a mini maze, a GIANT pumpkin, delicious food and… a pumpkin carriage!


img_9373 img_9375


P.S. There were even Halloween decorations all over Fisherman’s Wharf!


I’m so glad our family had some Halloween fun visiting these spooktacular places in Victoria BC.

I hope everyone had a Fang-tastic Halloween too!

Mwah, hahaha! ( My attempt at a scary laugh. lol) 



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