Awaken Your Inner Champion with Ranbir Puar

“The inner critic is usually experienced as an inner voice attacking a person, saying that he or she is bad, wrong, inadequate, worthless, guilty, and so on.”


Does this definition of an inner critic sound familiar?



This definition is all too familiar for Ranbir Puar, Founder of  FreeWithin.Me (Spirituality for Reality Inc). Ranbir lived with a powerful inner critic for many years. After having children, Puar hit rock bottom within.

In Puar’s guest blog on Styling The Inside last year, she wrote:

 “I can recall feeling so down, so lost, that I sat on the floor and cried until I couldn’t cry anymore.  I would say to God, “I have done what I can, please show me the way.”

With the support of her husband, deep spiritual inner work, and finally allowing herself to surrender, Ranbir healed from her tribulations and disheartenment. She faced her inner critic and began to breathe in the life she deserved.

Today, Ranbir’s passion and gift for the world is to empower others to transform their hardships, into the life they deserve.

“Now that I have found this place in my mind, my body, my soul…I feel as though I don’t have a choice, I HAVE to share how I got there.  I feel that is part of the spiritual exchange for me.  I need to share the gifts and guidance I received.”

Ranbir and her husband went on their spiritual journey with one another and FreeWithin.Me  (Spirituality for Reality Inc) was born. 

Ranbir explained to  me at dinner with one another last year;  “Though I am the ‘face’ of the business, we write together.  While we were struggling we searched for guidance through books, CDs, movies etc.  What we noticed is that there wasn’t anything that seemed to solve it all for us.  Either the ideas were too “woo-woo” for us or they were too rooted in money/coldness…so we came up with a way to thrive through our blindside – a way that was spiritual (me) and realistic (him), hence our Inc. name of Spirituality for Reality Inc.”

The couples organization integrates mind, body and spirit and their main focus is to help children and adults gain a positive self-image.

I recall Ranbir telling me that working with others began organically and it began with helping adults who were in crisis. Ranbir realized that most of the adults in crisis she was helping had suffered from some type of childhood trauma, which led her and her husband to develop the programs for children. I remember Ranbir’s exact words as she looked at me from across the dinner table, “I wanted to build up children and not repair broken adults.” 

  (You can check out her TEDx talk which goes into more detail about this topic here.)

When Ranbir mentioned childhood trauma, and her passion for helping build strong, self-confident children, I felt an immediate connection with her. I know from experience how hard it is to try to repair yourself when you’re a broken adult. I’ve experienced firsthand the challenges of living with  low self-worth and an inner critic that makes you believe you lack intelligence, worth, and self-love.

For this reason, I’m very excited to share with you, Ranbir’s latest online course, Awakening Your Inner Champion.


In this course, Ranbir will share the steps she took to get rid of her inner critic so she could hear her inner champion roar!

What “Inner Champion” means to Ranbir 

“My  Inner champion is the real me…the one that knows me the best.  She doesn’t pump my tires, she is realistic and she is hopeful.  

My inner champion listens to my heart, what I would like to give and share with the world.  

My inner champion helps me find the way, the best way for me so I can have maximum growth.  I am here, in this human body, to grow and expand my soul.  That is one of my core beliefs.  

My inner champion helps me stay aligned with my soul’s purpose.  

My inner champion lifts me when I fall.  

My inner champion makes it possible for me to feel WHOLE.  

“I conversed with the voice in my head that told me I didn’t matter.  I challenged it.  I stood up to it, and then I took control.  Sounds unusual, I know…but it is a technique I have had great success using with my clients.”

Questions with Ranbir:

What compelled you to create this course?

I was compelled to create this course because I wanted to find a way to be of service to more people.  In today’s world, it is hard to schedule the time to attend a class, and it can be expensive for others to budget for one on one sessions.  Also, I know from experience there are very few options out there that are grounded and spiritual — allowing you to get the most out of the human experience.   

What do you hope people gain from “awakening” their inner champion?

I hope people will be able to turn their light switches back on – or have their lights become even brighter.  I also hope people will learn to like themselves.  We hear so much about self-love and while that is all fine and dandy…we have to  start with liking ourselves before we can  truly begin to love. 

In addition, I  hope they feel so at peace with their inner-self that their inner critic goes back to being responsible for the fight or flight mechanism.  I hope that once they get a taste for this place of inner peace that they will be able to expand the love in their lives…because, as I say often, LOVE is life’s true currency. 

Why do you think being in tune with our inner champion is necessary to face our fears?

Let’s face it, we all get scared.  Sometimes we take action when we are afraid that comes back to bite us in the behind.  For a simple example, let’s talk about Anakin Skywalker (yes, a fictional character)…his fears led him to imagine his closest friends would betray him causing him to lose all the love in his life.  For most of us, it is not this extreme, but we often make choices out of fear that cost us love, peace of mind etc. because we are trying to chase an external definition of the ‘self’.

Think about your own life…how many times have you made decisions because you  were scared of the alternative?  How many times have you settled?

Your inner champion, however, will remind you that you can live in faith and that the right way for you will always appear.  Your inner champion allows you to TRUST yourself, your instinct, your soul.  Your inner champ allows you to feel fulfilled…and to me, that is a lot better than always trying to be happy/perfect.-Ranbir puar 


Awakening Your Inner Champion contains the first steps you need to take in order to create a gap between your thoughts so you can HEAR your inner guidance system AND awaken your inner champion. This allows you to ground yourself, and it will impact all of your relationships!


1.  Each session will be a 60-minute long webinar – so join in from the comfort of your home (and the session is recorded).
2.  Ranbir will stay online for an extra 30 minutes after each session to address any additional questions.
3.  You will receive downloads of meditations each week.
4.  Homework will consist of putting the weekly theme into practice.
5. You will be invited to a private Facebook group where you can connect with other members, share your stories, build community, ask questions and get feedback from Ranbir and others in the class.

To sign up for Ranbir’s  Awaken Your Inner Champion Course click here and for more information, you can visit




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