DIY, preloved and new Halloween costumes from Value Village

This week my daughters and I made our way to our local Value Village to hunt for Halloween costumes.  Value Village is always our top choice when searching for costumes because they have hundreds, if not thousands of costumes, and accessories this time of year. Plus, it’s right down the street, so heading there on a school night is no big deal.

Typically, I like to plan their Halloween costumes early so we’re not rushing around the store last-minute in a panic. When the girls and I decided to hunt for costumes at Value Village each one of my daughters had no idea yet what they wanted to dress up as.

After about 45 minutes of rummaging through the Halloween racks with hundreds of costumes, the girls finally made their decisions on what they would like to be.




This is when the fun began!

I honestly love a good hunt!

My teenage daughter became certain she would like to dress up as an eighties rocker. In all honesty, I tried to persuade her to be a character from The Walking Dead but she really wanted to go for the eighties look.  She found a tie -dye t-shirt, a colorful ruffled mini skirt with animal print, and a cropped tie-dye denim vest. She found her items in the pre-loved costume and clothing section.



My indecisive 10-year-old daughter didn’t want to be scary. Instead, she decided that she would like to be something funny. That said, she finally concluded that she would like to dress up as on old grumpy lady!  We found her a granny style wig in the new Halloween costumes section and then completed her look with pre-loved items from around the store, including a pair of plaid pants, a vest, a collared shirt, a purse, a pair of sandals, some glasses, and some pearl necklaces.



Finally, our 5-year-old daughter who is typically a princess each year decided this year that she didn’t want to be a princess, (but she still wanted to wear a dress). When she saw the brand new fortune teller costume, she was sold! We found her a brand new wig from the Halloween section, and then we searched through the pre-loved accessories to help her complete her fortune teller look.



Here’s a breakdown of our purchase of pre-loved clothing, accessories, and new Halloween items:

2 brand new wigs

1 brand new Halloween makeup palette

1 brand new child’s fortune teller exclusive to Value Village costume

2 pre-loved shirts

1 pre-loved skirt

1 pair of pre-loved pants

1 pre-loved vest

1 pre-loved pair of shoes

1 pre-loved purse

4 pre-loved necklaces

1 pre-loved cane

1 pair of pre-loved eye glasses

Our budget was $150 for all three girls and we ended up spending $118.59 on 17 items!!

Whoohoo! I just love a good deal. Especially when it comes to things like Halloween costumes that I know my kids will only wear once.

Best of all, it was a one stop shop for all three girls who are in completely different stages in life.


With their endless selection of used costumes, new costumes, accessories, and clothing from every era, I simply knew we would be able to find costumes for all three of my daughters. I’m SO happy it’s done! Now, I can’t WAIT to eat their Halloween chocolates (hehe).

Have you found your children’s Halloween costumes yet? If not, I highly recommend checking out your local Value Village.

In addition to their endless selection of costumes, they have costume consultants to help you find what you’re looking for in case you’re indecisive or just need some guidance on creating a unique look.

Disclosure:  This post is part of the and the Value Village Halloween #ThriftorTreat sponsored program. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. This post reflects my personal opinion about the information provided by the sponsors.

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