Germ lurking test to prevent colds and flu this season with Dial Soap

It’s that time of year again. The dreadful cold and flu season is upon us. Luckily, my children haven’t caught anything yet and I’m hoping they don’t. Last year my entire household caught the flu bug and it was not fun! I feel so bad for the kids when they’re weak, helpless and sick.

There is, however, one very important preventive measure we can take to help us prevent the awful dreaded flu bug. And we all know that hand washing is key! So often germs are transferred through our hands, by touching our nose, and rubbing our eyes. For this reason, I’m reminding my children again ( yes, they need plenty of reminders)  of the importance of proper hand washing with the help of Dial Soap. You can view my post on proper hand washing for littles with  Dial Soap here.

Recently, Dial Soap sent our family a germ lurking test kit, so we can see how effective proper hand washing helps get rid of those nasty germ bugs to keep our family healthy.

The kit includes a UV flashlight,  some Glo germ powder and a bottle of Dial hand washing soap.

img_8996 img_8997

My girls followed the steps below to see if germs still lurked after a quick wash of the hands.

1. Find an area or room that can be darkened.

2. Shake the bottle of Glo Germ powder well and place a small amount, about one shake, into the palm of one hand and spread over both hands. Be sure to cover  hands completely,  under nails,  around cuticles, and  between fingers.

img_9015 img_9019

3. Place hands under UV lamp to view “glowing germs” that exist before hand washing.

img_9023 img_9025

4. Give your hands a quick wash.

5. Again, place hands under UV lamp to view the remaining “glowing germs”. The UV lamp reveals ‘glowing germs’ as proof of improper hand washing.

6. Now, wash your hands following the ‘hand washing tips’ below. The amount of effort required to remove the simulated germs is equal to that of removing most bacteria.

img_9021 img_9020

7. Finally, place hands under UV lamp to view no more glowing germs!

*Glo Germ with normal washing is more difficult if skin is chapped or cracked, indicating that bacteria is also harder to reach.


The girls thought this experiment was super fun and they realized they need to wah their hands longer than they normally do to get those lurking germs that like to hang around.

I hope this test helps remind my family to wash longer and prevents us from getting sick this cold and flu season.

Thank you, Dial Canada!


*Hand Washing Tips from Dial Soap:  Remove any hand or arm jewelry you may be wearing and wet your hands with warm water.  Add soap and rub your hands together, ensuring you have lathered all surfaces for at least 20 seconds. Wash the front and back of your hands, as well as between your fingers and under your nails.  Rinse your hands well under warm running water. Wipe and dry your hands gently with a paper towel or a clean towel. Turn off the tap using the paper towel so that you do not re-contaminate your hand.

Dial Soap wants to celebrate Global hand washing day with you!

The Dial Instagram account will be hosting a Contest for followers, they are asked to 1. Follow @dialcanada,  2. Post an image on Instagram showing us how you teach your family to wash their hands. Must include the hashtag #Dial4CleanHands

Prize includes:

  • Dial® products – Value $75
  • Cash Card – Value $75
  • Bathroom Set – Value $100

Total value – $250

Contest runs from October 14 – 17th and the winner will be picked randomly on the 18th.

Contest details here



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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are authentic and of course, my own. All sponsored content is always something I feel is fitting with styling the inside of your life, like staying healthy with clean hands!

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