Peekaboo Beans-The comfiest clothing for play!

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Play; the most important work our children will ever do. And the best way to do it? In comfy, Peekaboo Beans cozy playwear with no fussy buttons, custom quality fabrics, removable labels, easy to use zippers, and tangle free ( no loose ends to prevent accidents while your child plays) of course!

You can read my interview here with Founder Traci Costa to learn more about how this grass roots local playwear company began.

Check out these photos of our daughters in their comfy, Fall, back to school playwear!

The two peas in a pod label is the cutest!







_mg_1877 _mg_1910 _mg_1869

*I’m a proud Peekaboo Beans Ambassador.

Share your Peekaboo Beans playwear with the hashtag #playingwithPB for a chance to be featured on one of their social platforms.



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