Keeping your space calm and cozy-my guest blog for La-z-Boy Vancouver

When you come home from a busy day at work, does your space evoke serene, and calm feelings or does it evoke feelings of tension and anxiousness?

If your home is provoking negative feelings, this is a sign that you aren’t feeling connected to your living space.

When we feel connected to the space we live in, it truly helps us empower our lives.

In other words, our homes should be the place we can kick our feet up, relax, recharge and forget about the stress that is inevitable from the outside world.

Unfortunately, not everyone feels recharged and relaxed when they’re in their home. A cluttered home is usually the cause of unconscious mental stress.

If you’re feeling like your space is lacking organization, and depleting you, I share some tips on how to keep your home calm, organized, peaceful, and serene on the La-Z-boy Vancouver Lifestyle Meets Comfort Blog.

You can check it out here.


Here are some photos of my home I included on the guest blog. I hope the tips I included help you stay connected to your living space!

How does your living space make you feel on the inside?

IMG_8421 (1)

IMG_8423 (2)













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