Got my hair did at Refresh Salon and Spa

It’s been a year and a half since I did my hair last. O.k, maybe it’s been even longer. In all honesty, I can’t even remember it’s been so long!  However, mom-life took over, and I never made getting my hair done a priority. Needless to say, I’ve been needing to do something to it.

This year for my birthday, I decided to finally treat myself to a trip to the salon. A friend of mine recommended Danya Robinson, a hairstylist who works at Refresh Salon and Spa, in the modern, and beautiful Suterbrook Village in Port Moody.

After seeing my friends blunt cut & highlights from Danya, I decided I wanted something similar. After looking at Danya’s Instagram photos, I called in right away to book my appointment!

The funny thing is, booking the appointment was the most challenging part for me! Seriously, as I was looking through my calendar to try to find 3 hours for a trip to the salon, it seemed nearly impossible. With preschool hours being short, and pick ups and drop offs to lessons, and all of my  other mom & work obligations, I finally squeezed in a day. However, my appointment wasn’t for two weeks after I called. I also had to find childcare for my preschooler so I could make it. Clearly, this is why I don’t get my hair done as often as I would like!

Yesterday I went to my appointment at Refresh Salon and Spa, and I immediately felt welcome when I came through the door. The staff is super friendly, and the space is massive! It’s very deceiving from the outside.

After I met Danya, she brought me to her chair, and we began! I told her I would like some balayage highlights with a blunt cut. My hair was so long and straggly. It was beginning to feel so thin. I knew I needed to chop off a good chunk in order for it to feel thick and healthy again.

Danya showed me some photos of her work, and we agreed on a style.

The rest is history!

Ok, well not quite history, but the rest is …


Before: So long, super straggly, and a HUGE amount of breakage!

After: Blunt cut,  and lots of highlights that blend and flow throughout, creating a natural highlighted look.

Aah, I’m in love with my new hair! And the best part was the 3 hours I spent sitting at the salon reading a magazine, getting my hair washed, snap-chatting ( yes, I”m officially addicted to snapping everything lol)  and relaxing! It felt ah-mazing!

Truthfully, I did feel a tad guilty, for being there. My thoughts told me  I should be tending to the housework, or getting some writing done, but then I told these ridiculous thoughts to shut up because I deserve it!

Seriously, this was the best birthday present ever! It felt so great to pamper myself, and best of all, I have my new hair to show for it:)

Thank you to Refresh Salon and Spa for a wonderful experience!


*Refresh Salon and Spa would like to gift one lucky reader with a ReDavid Hair package so you can pamper yourself! This item is pick-up in the salon only. 


IMG_3488 (1).JPG


Enter here!

Best of luck friends! If you live in the tricities, I  suggest checking out this salon, and I highly recommend hairstylist Danya!


Cheers to self-care!


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