An accountability tribe can help you stay sane

At the beginning of the year, I met up with my friends, and fellow mompreneurs, Taslim, Founder of Let Me Out Creative and Salma Founder of The Write Balance at the local library to set some goals/intentions for 2016. Each of us left feeling motivated, refreshed and inspired to crush our goals while holding one another accountable.

A few weeks ago, we sat down with one another to go over how we’ve done. I met up with Salma and we had a Skype session with Taslim.

During our session each of us discussed the things we had accomplished, the things we did not, and the things we had to entirely scratch off of our list of goals because, well, that’s just the way life goes sometimes. We also had Taslim`s youngest toddler smiling at us through the screen, before she went down for her nap (life of a WAHM).



During our conversation, we cheered one another on, congratulating one another for our accomplishments. We were also gentle with one another when there was not-so-congratulatory news, and the best part: the genuine honesty I could feel from each of them.

One thing I noticed however during our conversation/quarterly accountability session was how hard we can be on ourselves!

The reality is the work/life/motherhood balance is tough.  I noticed we aren’t giving ourselves enough credit for the things we are doing, and rather focusing on all the things we aren’t.

It wasn’t until Taslim piped up and said she was proud of herself for being able to provide meals from scratch for her family almost every single night (and that is an impressive feat! She should be damn proud!) that I realized there are only so many hours in a day, and we can really only do so much. When we focus on the things that matter to us most, we need to give ourselves credit, (the way Taslim did) and not beat ourselves up for the things we aren’t doing.

Taslim’s perspective was a great reminder during our accountability chat that sometimes the things that may seem mundane, or small, are in the grand scheme of life, actually big things. No matter how big or small, it’s important to be proud of these everyday victories. At the end of the day, we`re all simply doing the best we can.

Most importantly,  having a tribe of friends you can cry to when you feel defeated, so they can remind you that tomorrow’s a new day, and you are actually killing it (and just needed a reminder) is very healthy for our happiness and well-being.

So, if you’re feeling defeated, or perhaps you’re struggling with your work/life balance, health goals, etcetera,  I highly suggest starting an accountability group with some friends. It’s a great way to stay productive, inspired, and who am I kidding? Sane!! It’s an essential way to say SANE 😉



One thought on “An accountability tribe can help you stay sane

  1. I have four teen agers now. And I realize that the most important thing is indeed meals (made from scratch is a bonus) and a roof over our children’s heads. Everything else is a gift from God. Your group sounds amazing, and it would be terrific for me to form one with my girlfriend who has two teenage girls (17 and 18…she’s got her hands full!) But I realized while reading this post that whenever we do get together, we spend so much time beating ourselves up, to the point where my friend actually asked me, “What do you think I did wrong? Go ahead, tell me, I won’t get offended.” She’s done nothing wrong. Her kids are fed and have a roof (free rent too) over their heads. Job is done ~wiping my hands on my pants~

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