Our Spring Break Adventures

Happy April 1st friends!  The sun is shining here in beautiful Vancouver, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, and best of all… the kids are back in school after a two-week Spring Break vacation. Although we had a blast venturing out to different places in the city and enjoyed various activities, I have, to be honest, it feels good to finally have some time alone. My husband was off for the second week of Spring Break, so I decided to leave work obligations for the week, so I could be fully present with the family. Hence, the reason I haven’t blogged for a bit.

Our first family fun day began at the Body World’s Animal Inside out the exhibit at Science World. Our youngest daughter wasn’t really feeling the show, I don’t think she really understood why we were looking at animals insides. Our two older daughters, however, were quite fascinated, until I showed them a bulls testicle. They ran away from me with disgusted looks on their faces, mumbling the words: eww, and gross.


After the exhibit, we stayed and explored all the activities Science World has to offer. We also stayed for a show, and our youngest was picked from the audience to help with a demonstration.(She put her goggles on upside down and everyone had a good chuckle.) All in all, it was a great visit. Our youngest decided she wanted a photo with the giraffe outside while we were leaving. I guess she didn’t think the exhibit was so bad after all!


The next day we ventured out and tried rock climbing for the first time at Climb Base 5. I was SO impressed with my daughter’s rock climbing and bravery, especially our youngest! When I climbed up the wall for the first time I was terrified of letting go of the rope and coming down. In other words, I’m a big fat chicken. My kids had to tell me to be brave from down below, encouraging me to let go, while reassuring me there’s nothing to be afraid of.

It was my youngest daughter, in fact, that taught me a thing or two about being brave that’s for sure! Watching that little monkey with so much determination climb to the top and then let go, made me proud.

I would love to go back to Climb Base 5 and rock climb again. It’s a great work out, and a new challenge I’m totally willing to take on.




The week my husband was off we didn’t cook dinner at home, not even once! It was awesome 😉

The girls favorite dinner out, was our dinner at Lombardo’s. We went  with a group of family members. The kids loved the thin crust pizza, the mini take-out pizza boxes they colored, and the tour they were given by one of the lovely chefs.

Lombardo’s has been around for 30 years! In celebration, they collaborated with a very talented local artist to make these fun pizza boxes. I’m so glad my family had the chance to check it out. Now they know why I’m such a fan!


Next on our to-do list was a trip up to Cypress Mountain for some tubing! We attempted during winter vacation but the line-ups were long, and the parking lots were full.

During Spring Break, however, there was  fresh snow, zero line-ups, and unlimited parking! The girls brought some friends, and they tubed for two hours straight!

The best was tubing in a large circle holding onto one another. Again, I couldn’t get over how brave our youngest was! She has no fear I tell you.



The day after tubing we ventured to Stanley Park to visit the Vancouver Aquarium new Discover Rays exhibit. I took a few photos because there was so much to see!



The new touch pool is the perfect addition to the Aquarium. We could have stood there forever petting the slippery, and soft Sting Rays.


In addition to stroking the soft and slippery Sting Rays, the girls had an up close and personal look at the rays stinger, and mouth.



After we left the exhibit we explored the rest of the Aquarium. Our middle daughter’s new current obsession is Narwhals. Naturally, we had to search for anything narwhals!


The rain forest is our eldest daughters favorite spot to visit because apparently her “spirit animal” lives there. And, no it’s not this gorgeous bird. It’s… the sloth!

Sadly, we’ve only spotted the Sloth once. We did, however, spot a Sloth stuffed animal in the gift shop on our way out!



My daughter also spotted the biggest Narwhal stuffed animal she’s ever seen! Her eyes lit up like it was Christmas morning!


And… we didn’t buy it. We did, however, get her the mini one. She asked for this narwhal instead of having a  birthday party next year. (I told you she was obsessed!)

After many day trips around the city, we kicked off Spring Break with a gorgeous hike. It was a much-needed, good for the soul kind of day. Hiking is our jam!




In conclusion, I enjoyed every moment with my family during our Spring Break adventures (even the moments that made me want to lose my marbles because of the sibling rivalry.) You see, these moments are fleeting, which is why experiences with our children are so important. And they don’t have to be extravagant either.

We are so lucky to live here in beautiful B.C. There’s an abundance of things to do with our families while making memories that will last a lifetime.



One thought on “Our Spring Break Adventures

  1. Oh that’s right, you have little ones, you have to stay active and keep them busy. What better area and city than to do so than in Vancouver!…Your posts make me so homesick, but I’m bound and determined to read about the cherry blossoms, and imagine the wondrous scent of flowers in the air. BTW I love your pictures. I’m all about nosing around other people’s business so I can’t get enough of picture posts.

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