The Soup Solution delivers wholesome, healthy meals right to your door!

Confession: I have a love/hate relationship with cooking. If I make lists and plan what I’m going to feed my family for the week, I end up feeling prepared and I don’t mind cooking. If however, I forget or I’m too busy to prepare and make lists, this results in me wondering what the hell I’m going to prepare for dinner the day of!

The reality is, sometimes we’re busy with after school activities and I don’t always have time to cook a healthy dinner from scratch.

When Gayle McLeod Founder of The Soup Solution sent us a variety of frozen healthy soups and sauces, I was beyond excited to try them.  In other words, I was relieved that I had some healthy options to choose from that I could just heat up and serve!


The first sauce we tried was the Bolognese. It was a busy Thursday evening, (my daughter has dance at 6, and it’s on the other side of Coquitlam.) That said, I was relieved to serve them a quick healthy dinner!

I served the Bolognese meat sauce on a bed of Quinoa pasta and the entire family thoroughly enjoyed every last bite! Best of all, it took me approximately ten minutes to serve!

In addition, we  tried  the Fresh Tomato and Basil sauce, Butter Chicken Soup, Chicken Noodle, Tuscan Bean and Butternut Squash. The children loved the Chicken Noodle. My husband devoured the Butter Chicken ( he poured it onto a bed of white rice) and my favorite was the Butternut Squash, Carrot and Ginger. It was so creamy and delicious, and simply perfect for a gloomy day lunch!



“Eating well can be a challenge especially when you’re short on time or inspiration. Our goal is to take the stress out of mealtime and help you put delicious and wholesome food on your table without all the fuss. Our mission is to offer nourishing and inspired meal solutions that are not only quick and delicious, but kid-friendly and parent approved. Eat well, Gayle”


The Soup Solution delivers wholesome, healthy soups and sauces right to your door here in the lower mainland. Their products are locally handmade with natural ingredients, conveniently frozen in family-sized containers.

If you’re looking for some healthy, convenient solutions for your busy family on -the- go, I highly recommend trying out the delicious soups and sauces from Gayle McLeod and The Soup Solution team.

Be sure to check out their website for a list of healthy recipe ideas too! All orders over $150 receive free delivery!



Happy, healthy, fast and convenient eating! Xx


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