Moms and daughters connect at Styling the Sole



Over the last few years I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Ashley Wiles-Founder of Sole Girls. Sole Girls is an empowerment program for girls ages 8–12 that teaches girls about self–esteem, confidence, bullying, being a positive peer, goal setting, healthy living, values and more! Girls learn to build themselves mentally and physically and prepare to finish a 5 km fun run.

My daughters have taken part in the Sole Girls running empowerment programs and we quickly became a part of the Sole Girls community.

This past year I began facilitating workshops for moms alongside Ashley. The Sole Girls program aligns completely with my values, and with my education and parenting experience, Ashley felt I would be a great fit.

During the interactive workshops Ashley and I  give moms tools to effectively communicate with their changing daughters. We discuss ways to handle mean-girl situations. We do some parenting goal setting, and have values based conversations.  In addition, during these workshops we interact, openly discuss parenting girls at this age, and connect with other dynamic moms in the community.

After our last Sole Mamas session, Ashley and I agreed that we would throw a mother/daughter event.

Ashley and I envisioned moms connecting  with their daughters outside of the home, spending the day immersed in building their relationships, while strengthen their bonds.

This past Valentine’s Day we held our first Styling The Sole Mother/Daughter event and it was probably one of the best days I’ve ever spent with my daughters, (and I’m not just saying that because I helped plan the event!)

Here’s some photos of the event captured by the amazing Jenn from Jenn Di Spirito Photography. 


We began the day with some mother/daughter Yoga provided by Yoga Buttons.








The yoga session was fun, relaxing and left the moms and daughters with a deeper sense of connection. I simply adore this photo of this mother and daughter. They look so deeply connected.

After the yoga with Yoga Buttons we took a break to mingle, enjoy some of our delicious treats, and take photos in the photo area.







Next in the agenda was some time for reflection  in the mother/daughter notebooks we provided.





In addition, we shared some things we loved about being moms and daughters with the rest of the group.

I learned that many of the girls loved getting cuddles and kisses from their moms! Affection is so important at any age!



We ended the day with some dessert making and more connection with Julie Breyer from Glow Goodies! The moms and daughters made chocolate macaroons with organic, healthy all-natural ingredients!

Julie mentioned  she grew up without a mom. In genuine, heartfelt words, she expressed how uplifting it felt to spend the day with a group of moms and daughters.





solegirls_valentine117The moms and daughters also decorated a plate with Glow Goodies ingredients and then wrote a love letter to one another.

The day commenced with some Big Love Ball fun!

I loved watching the girls who shy at first from not knowing each other, suddenly felt a level of comfort as if they’ve known one another for years.

Lastly, we  discussed in a circle one thing we loved about the day, and one thing we learned.

During this discussion I had to hold back tears. It was so touching to hear the girls share how much fun they had with their moms, and it was even more touching to hear the moms say they realize they need to set-aside more time to do things like this with their daughters.





All in all, it was a day I will never forget.

Ashley is an incredible facilitator, she made all of the moms and daughters feel at ease, and above all, she made sure we had FUN!

Thank you to all of the moms who took the time to join us for our Styling the Sole Valentine’s Event, and to all of our generous sponsors who made the day possible:

Hoote Suite for providing the large space for us to connect.

Jenn Di Spirito Photography for capturing these amazing candid photos.

Yoga Buttons – for instructing us with yoga poses in a way so we could feel connected on a deeper level.

Fun Fiestas By Ili– for the gorgeous giant balloons and tassel garlands.

Genicca Whitney -for the inspirational empowerment prints.

Naked Snacks– for the  large amount of healthy, delicious snacks.

Mur de fleurs– for the stunning handmade flowers for our photo wall.

Cookievonster – for the detailed, custom, decorated, beautiful valentine’s cookies.

Marsh& Mallow -for the yummy marshmallows in a variety of flavors.

GLOW Goodies– for showing us that chocolate can be healthy and providing us with organic ingredients to make, create, and eat!

Sheila from Working the Room Staging & Design – for decorating and transforming the space into a vibrant, fun atmosphere.

Big Love Ball– for a large sized big love ball, because that’s what the day was all about!






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