Prioritizing time with my daughters

Time Together  Mother Daughter Art  Mom by RoseHillDesignStudio:

Spending time with my daughters outside of my daily `bossing`them around and mundane activities, can often times be challenging, especially since I have three! In other words, I want to nurture my bond with each of them but I’m not always making the time.

My two eldest daughters are beginning to shift from little girls to adolescence. During this stage in life a new type of emotional distance begins to emerge. As a result, our once seemingly effortless bonds begin to take work to build and maintain. Although our love for one another will always be unconditional, I also want my daughters to remember the time we spent with one another.

My youngest daughter still thinks I’m the coolest human in the world. My middle daughter still craves time alone with me however she is beginning to feel embarrassed by some of the things I do and say. And my teenage daughter feels like every word that comes out of my mouth is a nag! Needless to say, they’re all at different phases in life.

Last week I encouraged my eldest daughter to try a hot yoga deep stretch and relaxation class with me. She loved the way she felt afterwards. We talked on the car ride home,  (well, I listened and she talked) but it filled me up knowing we spent some time with one another. I’m sure she also loved that I was listening over lecturing.

Essentially, I ultimately want to make connecting with my daughters a high priority. In all honesty, I don’t want to look back one day and regret the fact that I didn’t prioritize time spent with them.

After all, studies show that a strong mother -daughter connection determines our daughters future relationships, and essentially affects their over-all self-esteem.



This Valentines Day, I’ll be creating some new memories with my daughters at an event I’m co-facilitating with Sole Girls. It will be a day of connection, bonding, and empowerment for moms and daughters.


Join Founder Ashley Wiles & Life and Special guests from YogaButtons Kids Yoga Studio for an interactive afternoon of fun, empowerment, and physical activity.
Spend this special day connecting with your daughter and nurturing your bond alongside other moms and daughters in the community.

In addition there will be speakers, prizes, yoga and vision board making with sole-delicious Valentines treats!

Topics include: Physical Activities, Self love, Gratitude and Goal setting!

This event is for mothers and daughters but also aunts, grandmothers, and friends are more than welcome!

We want YOU to discover what makes you SOLE Awesome from the inside out!

Limited tickets available
Purchase your ticket here: $44 per person

February 14th
Time: 12:30pm-4:30pm
Where: 111 East 5th St Vancouver






2 thoughts on “Prioritizing time with my daughters

  1. I hear ya. I only have one girl, so I couldn’t imagine having to work on that bond with three, but I have no worries that you’re doing it exceptionally. Girls are a toughy. I have three boys and all they want is an audience when they burp and fart.

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