Dine out Vancouver Festival at Catch 122 Cafe Bistro

I`m sure most of you foodies are well aware it`s Dine out Vancouver Festival in our beautiful city. For those of you who aren`t aware, during the  festival food lovers make reservations at  restaurants they would like to check out and enjoy a meal off the establishments low priced set menu.

The other night I had the pleasure of taste- testing the Dine out Vancouver Festival set menu at Catch 122 Cafe Bistro.  From start to finish I devoured every bite of every dish. We also had the pleasure of enjoying their thirst quenching cocktails!

Catch 122 Cafe and Bistro`s set festival menu is only $30 and includes the following: 


Marinated Beets | goats feta cheese | maple vinegar | baby watercress (V, GF)or 

Winter Vegetable Chowder | winter squash velouté | roasted winter vegetables (V, GF)

(add smoked fish $3)


Fried Chicken | smoked mayo | maple glaze | chili dust


Confit Pork Loin | mustard spaetzle | Brussels sprouts | sauce charcutière
(add roasted scallops $8)


Winter Mushrooms | farro and oat “risotto” | cauliflower purée | roasted cauliflower (V)
(add roasted scallops $8, house-made chorizo $5)


B.C. Snapper | sunchoke purée | roasted fingerling potatoes | baby carrots | warm tartar sauce (GF)
(add fried oysters $7)

Lemon Curd | graham crumble | lavender meringue | whipped cream | lemon balm (can be made GF)or

Dark Chocolate Pot de Crème | pickled raspberries | chocolate cookie crunch | whipped cream

If your mouth isn`t watering yet, wait until you see photos of the food we tasted. Warning: You may start drooling. 

Beet Salad

Confit pork loin

BC Snapper

Farro Oat Risotto (1)

Carrot cake + pot de creme

O.k, enough said. Get your butt to Catch 122 and enjoy a mouth-watering meal for only $30! I`m totally craving that carrot cake now!

Dine Out Vancouver Festival goes until the end of the month. If you make it out to Catch 122 or any other restaurants participating in the festival I`d love to hear how your experience was. 

Happy Dining out! 

Ps. I`m going back for their brunch. I`ve heard it`s amaze-balls. It`s so popular it`s now  open daily! 


Dine out media tasting event and photos courtesy of: 

 Popcorn | gopopcorn.ca

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