The power of visualization

Have you ever imagined succeeding at something you’ve been wanting to achieve or do in your mind and then it came to life? This mental power of picturing yourself succeeding in your mind before even actually doing it, is the amazing power of visualization. This meditative practice of positive thinking has been known to work and in fact is practiced by many successful people including my favorite Oprah Winfrey.

When Oprah was a young girl she told herself in her mind she would never live a life like the one she watched her grandmother live. One of my favorite qoutes from Oprah is “Create the highest, grandest vision of your life for what believe  you become.”

For many years growing up I believed I wasn’t ‘good enough’, ‘smart enough’, and ultimately worthy of success. This type of negative, self-limiting thinking didn’t result in anything except feeling more insecure about my potential and abilities. Once I began to visualize myself in a positive light, succeeding in life, and doing the things I  wanted to do…they began to happen!

In fact, sometimes I feel like I’m dreaming when something I picture myself doing comes to fruition. I always think to myself, my goodness, I made that happen, (in my mind first) and then in real life!

For example, I have always pictured myself standing in front of an audience inspiring and motivating them to live their best life. I would actually picture every small detail, including my outfit, who I would notice in the audience, the size of the crowd and the words I would say. This mental visualization came to reality last year when I spoke at a few events, and it was the greatest feeling knowing my thoughts became reality!

Another way the power of visualization works is through vision boarding. I came across vision boarding for the first time through a friend who was working in an independent consulting business. She cut and pasted things from magazines and pasted them onto a poster board. Some of the things she had on her board were her favorite motivational quotes, things she wanted to become, along with some photos of the places she wanted to travel to. I’m such a visual person, and loved this idea!

When we put our positive mental images onto a vision board, this technique can really help us manifest our desires and dreams.

Recently I met a phenomenal business mama that hosts  amazing Vision Board parties! What started out as a fun activity in Genicca Whitney’s home to get clear on her goals has grown into an annual gathering for visionaries. In Genicca’s words, ” This is a place for people to share positive energy, swim in possibility, shower with inspiration and dance in the power of dream-building.”


If you would like to Vision board, join Genicca and a room full of inspired individuals on Sunday, Januray 24th for a full-day of VISUALIZATION, INSPIRATION & EMPOWERMENT that will impact your SPIRIT & your PROGRESS for the year ahead.

The 3rd Annual Vision Board Party is a MUST-ATTEND EVENT that always SELLS OUT.

This years guest speakers include:

1. Diane Rolston – Business & Life Coach

2. Mike Zaremba from FLOAT HOUSE

3. Danielle Van Zanten as a Sponsor with Arbonne & VanCity Business Babes

4.Lorene Mah- Founder of Shop Glitter & Spice and more!

Last but not least, one lucky reader can enter to win a free ticket ($45) value to the event along with a stunning canvas empowerment print of Oprah’s vision quote made by  Genicca.

Enter here: Win a free ticket and canvas empowerment print. 




 Let’s visualize the highest, grandest vision for ourselves in 2016 and beyond!


For more information & to purchase your event ticket (before it sells out) check out the #3rd annual Vision Board events Facebook page .






2 thoughts on “The power of visualization

  1. Man, I live in the wrong fricken province! And to think I grew up in the Fraser Valley…grrrr…I would love to attend this. Vision boarding is my favourite and to get to do it in such a grand scale with so many inspirational, positive people would be such a powerful experience! Maybe next year! I’ll start saving now!

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