Our visit to the Sea To Sky Gondola in Squamish BC

Today the family and I ventured out to Squamish for a visit to the Sea to Sky Gondola. It was our first family day, just the five of us since Christmas break started for the kiddos. We’ve been busy spending time with family and friends and today was a much-needed quality day for all of us to bond, create some new memories, and discover some of the natural beauty here in B.C.

The kids were super eager to play in the snow, and our youngest was in shock when she saw how high the gondola ride goes up. I’m not sure if she fully understood what a gondola ride is until she actually saw it. When we got in the gondola the kids felt excited, a little nervous, and most of all, amazed by the spectacular view!





When we arrived at the top, the kids kept saying how beautiful it was, and they were literally screeching with excitement to play in the snow. But first…I had to take a bunch of pictures of the view (of course) before I let them go crazy in the white, beautiful, fresh, crisp snow.





After we took a bunch of photos at the viewpoint, we decided to cross the suspension bridge, and head towards the other side. Naturally, I had to take some shots on the bridge too! The view is so incredible!



Isn’t this view just phenomenal!?

The kids and my hubby began to get annoyed with my photo taking because they simply wanted to cross the bridge and… play in the snow!





During our walk through the trails, the girls stopped every two minutes to drop and play. They couldn’t help themselves, and it was so nice to see them laughing, playing, and getting along with one another. Perhaps the fresh air, beautiful surroundings, and of course, snow brought out the best in all of them!

It was especially nice to see our almost-teenage daughter play like a five-year-old again. So many memories of her at that age came rushing back to me as I watched her engaging with her sisters in the snow, throwing snowballs, doing snow angels, and slipping and sliding around. Their laughter echoed through the trail, and it put a massive smile on my face.



Our walk through the trails ended up taking very long because the kids stopped every minute or two to play. In other words, they enjoyed playing in the snow far more than walking in it. For this reason, we missed out on tubing, but… by the time we made it back everyone was hungry anyhow.



After a few more shots at some of the lookouts, we went for a late lunch and warmed up over hot cocoa.




After we finished our late lunch we went outside to enjoy the view just a bit more.




Once the sun began to go down, it was our cue to hop in the gondola line for our ride back down. The air felt crisp, the wind felt chilly, and the kids, well, they began to complain their toes were freezing!

Needless to say, we got back in the gondola and enjoyed our ride back down.





In conclusion, our family day ended with tummies full of hot cocoa, a camera full of photos, and memories to last a lifetime. The kids can’t wait to go back. Perhaps I can convince my hubby to do the hike with me again this Summer to the top!


Sea to Sky Gondola is open daily, and a family pass for 4 is $95.95. I highly recommend spending the day here. There’s something for everyone, including snowshoeing, tubing, eating, hiking, festivities, and an unreal view!

The kids unwrapped a ton of gifts this Christmas, but this gift, the gift of experience was the best gift of all.

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays with their loved ones.


Disclaimer: I was given passes to enjoy the Sea to Sky Gondola, and we truly enjoyed every minute, (even when our preschooler was having hunger pangs, and complaining all the way back  from the snowy trail to the restaurant, LOL.)

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