Flowmotion Entertainment partners up with Backpack Buddies to help feed hungry children all year-long.

Ryan Yada and Dario Pavan, Co-pilots of Flowmotion Entertainment make super fun mobile games that help feed hungry children. The company started 2 years ago here in Vancouver B.C . Since its conception they have produced over 500 games, and attracted over 5 million downloads on the Apple App store and Google Play store. Currently their top games include Food Court Pizza, Food Court Hamburger Fever, Food Court Fever, and Cruise Ship Cooking Scramble with their main demographic of users women between the ages of 18-44.

After downloading Cruise Ship Cooking Scramble, I was immediately hooked. In fact, I’m not a game player at all, but I did enjoy the mini escape from reality using my brain in ways I haven’t in a while!

Although I’m not one to normally play mobile games, I’m very drawn to the success of these two purpose driven entrepreneurs and their mission to help feed hungry children in our city.

Ryan Yada, father of two, business leader and entrepreneur is on a mission to lead with honor, courage and heart, while he inspires others to do the same.

Dario Pavan- family man, and serial entrepreneur is on a mission to live with passion, purpose and love, so that others are also inspired to do the same.

As a matter of fact, earlier this month, Flowmotion entertainment gave their first official donation as a company to BackPack Buddies here in Vancouver BC, Canada.

In Yada’s words:

Backpack Buddies is an amazing charity that inspires and coordinates donor schools who put together backpacks of food that are then donated to schools with kids in need – These kids typically don’t have enough food to eat on the weekends, some don’t get any food at all given their home situation.  When they come back to school on Monday they are hungry and struggle to do well on tests and just be themselves.  As BPB says: “Hunger doesn’t take the weekend off”.  Here’s an awesome video about the work BPB’s is doing.

It felt so great to see the smiles on the kids’ faces when they received the food and put it in their backpacks for the weekend.  Some of the kids from the donor school baked cookies and even sewed a toy gift for each kid.  75 of the 100 kids at this East Vancouver school are part of the program as they are in need of food.”

British Columbia continues to have the highest rate of child and family poverty in Canada. Sadly, the statistics show thousands of children arrive to school hungry. In fact, it is proven that inadequate nutrition can lead to heath issues and difficulty learning.

Christmas is a time of giving to those in need and we often see more happening in our city to give back this time of year, the sad reality however is these low income children are hungry all year-long.

Kudos to Flowmotion Entertainment for partnering up with Backback Buddies as their philanthropic partner. When you download one of their super fun mobile cooking games, you’re also helping feed hungry children here in Vancouver, BC through their partnership with Backpack Buddies!



Photo Courtesy of Flowmotion 

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