Last-minute local Christmas gift guide

For those of you who haven’t finished your Christmas shopping, I’ve put together a last-minute Christmas gift guide. I’m not even close to being finished. Ok, I’ll admit, I haven’t even begun! So, for all of you last-minute people (like me) here’s a list of local gifts you can pick up for those on your list.

I’ve carefully picked each gift because I believe these gifts are great ways to help those on your list, style the inside of their lives! And when you give these gifts you’ll feel good within too!

Eeeek! Christmas is in 1o days!


Give the gift of inexpensive luxury to calm the mind, body and soul.

Vitruvi aromatherapy are offering limited edition holiday give away packages. They make a great gift in luxury style, without breaking the bank!

One of my goals for the new year is to “do less and focus more”. The Focus aromatherapy blend with the limited edition vitruvi bag is such a great gift!  The meditation beads are also a way to stay calm, along with the ‘still’ essential oil. Both gift sets are  ways to feel good on the inside while staying stylish on the outside!


Give the gift of style at home!

Woodlot Candles are my favorite! I have to admit, I love buying candles for people because they’re something I don’t buy for myself very often. In other words, I love to give gifts I want, but rarely buy for me:) There’s something so therapeutic about having lit candles in the home. That said, check out Woodlot. They have a ton of holiday gift sets and even gifts for under $25! Perhaps a great secret santa or stocking stuffer!

Woodlot - Flora Candle $35Woodlot - Original Charcoal $10

Give the gift of coziness!

There’s nothing like a cozy blanket scarf! No one likes to feel uncomfortable and buying someone a jacket to stay warm during the winter isn’t always affordable. A simple gift like these warm blanket scarves/turkish towels  made by local company Sunday Dry Goods have a variety of blanket style scarves for the entire family. Best of all, they’re under $50! Saving money always feels good, and staying warm and cozy is even better!

Sunday Dry Goods - Everyday Standard (Denim) $40


 Give the gift of kindness

Give the gift of kindness with these Pink Shirt day “kindness is one size fits all” tees to the entire family and support a great cause. After all, kindness starts on the inside and never goes out of style. Wear this shirt on February 26th in support of Pink Shirt Day. These t-shirts also make a great secret santa gift!

 Give the gift of organization!

 The Design Love Planner was on my gift list last Christmas and I’ve put it on this years gift list too! You can’t go wrong when giving someone a stylish agenda! Not only is it stylish, but it’s also very functional with inspiring messages and tons of space to jot down notes and write down goals. It even has pockets! Be sure to check out their latest marble design, it’s SO nice!!

Staying organized, while setting intentions and goals feels so good on the inside!

Design Love Co. - Design Love Planner 2016 (Original Stripe) $65

 Give the gift of reading while sparking a conversation that matters! 

If you’re looking for a last-minute Christmas gift for a child, I highly recommend the story Sadly The Owl written by local children’s author Linnie Von sky.

“Sadly the owl loves nothing more than line-dancing in his bright red cowboy boots. One morning sadly wakes up to find a dark cloud over his head. He tries every trick he knows to get back in the sunshine, but nothing works. Will Sadly ever get to dance again? A tale about more than just sad days. “

The illustrations by Ashley O’mara  are extremely detailed and captivating. A story like this can help you and your child start a conversation about emotions, well-being, and mental health.  This, in turn, can teach compassion, and empathy.

This book can also make a great last-minute teacher gift!

 Give the gift of experience! 

When you buy any “One More Day”apparel through Modern Fort, you are not only giving someone the gift of stylish apparel. You are also giving a family battling cancer the gift of experiencing time doing an activity  together which may not have been affordable otherwise.

“So, let’s get real for a second. Cancer sucks. Everyone knows it. It’s not pretty. Our goal for this campaign isn’t to make it go away. There are many organizations out there doing great things to raise money for research and state of the art equipment that will truly help transform the way cancer patients are being treated. But that’s not us. We’re taking a more personal approach. When going through cancer, the individual is beaten. Physically, mentally, emotional, and spiritually. Sometimes the last thing you want to hear is more money going to research as you feel it won’t help you right now, right this second when you’re feeling incredibly low. So, our goal is to help change that a little bit. At least try and put a smile back with a little love.” -Modern Fort

So, style the outside with trendy, comfy apparel, knowing the proceeds will directly impact a family battling cancer. Now that my friends, feels good on the inside!

Give the gift of change! 

“In 2009, Lacey Forward awoke from a vivid dream and heard the words “human trafficking” for the first time. As Lacey embarked on her investigation into modern slavery she learned that it is a rampant problem globally and even right in her backyard-Canada. Lacey was convinced that, although she could not do everything, she could DO SOMETHING to BRING CHANGE and freedom to those enslaved today.


Lacey had a bracelet made. Not only was the bracelet a tangible reminder of those trafficked, it also became a tool for her to tell their story. Soon, others began asking where they could also buy a bracelet! This grew into a large team of volunteers who wanted to help make the bracelets, which lead to the creation of our much-loved SWEATSHOPS. All profits from the sale of these bracelets and other products are being invested into the PREVENTION of human trafficking and support the RESCUE, RESTORATION and REINTEGRATION of survivors.”

When you buy this gift, you are bringing change and freedom to those enslaved. If there’s someone in your life who loves accessories these gorgeous bracelets with Swarovski crystals will make a great gift!

Last but not least, give the gift of cuteness!!

(yes that’s a thing) and cheaper than having a baby. Gift someone the CUTEST, most stylish calendar. Sometimes looking at something cute, just makes you smile on the inside!

I met an amazing local photographer with the most adorable pet hedgehog. During our conversation I suggested she turn her amazing photos of Amelia the Hedgehog into a calendar. She told me it may be in the works, and voila! It’s here! Best of all, all Canadian orders are free shipping! Totally getting my daughter one!

I hope this last-minute local gift guide gives you some gift ideas that will make you & the recipient feel good on the inside!  Now I need to get shopping!!!

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