Give the gift of nutrition with local online company Naked Snacks

A few posts back I wrote about living with hypothyroidism. In this post I describe some of the symptoms associated  with this disease.  One of the biggest solutions I  find works best with keeping my thyroid levels balanced is eating nutritious foods. Most days are busy, and I don’t always have food prepared or healthy snacks on hand. As a result, when I do begin to feel hungry the first thing I reach for is carbs, and sometimes not the healthiest ones. I mean, the muffin at the coffee shop just looks so good when I haven’t eaten anything since breakfast and my tummy is rumbling. Needless to say, having healthy snacks on hand helps me not reach for the sugary muffin, or the yummy looking croissant when I start to feel those rumbling hunger pangs. In fact, when I have an apple as a snack, some nuts, or raw veggies, I don’t crash the way I do after eating a muffin. I feel energized. And, one of my biggest symptoms lately with my thyroid has been feeling lethargic. In short, having healthy, ready to go snacks is essential in keeping me feeling energized, and helps me say no to the not-so-healthy snacks.

Recently I came across a local company called Naked Snacks. Their snacks are oh-so-yummy, nutritious and best of all delicious!! I had the pleasure of trying the Chipotle Lime Pistachios (I love my pistachios), the 3pm Goji ( with yummy pieces of dark chocolate) a Mexican mix, wasabi mix, and siracha cashews (my fave). Normally I don’t buy bags of these types of mixed snacks but oh-my-goodness, I’m hooked! Truthfully, I ate so many of the snack bags right away! I probably didn’t need to do that but when a box shows up at your door with such a variety of flavours it’s so hard to limit myself to trying just one kind.

Naked Snacks is a local online company that delivers customized snack boxes of healthy, gourmet munchies straight to your door. Each box is completely customizable, with 25+ different options in the Snack Gallery to choose from. NS offers snack options for everyone from vegans/vegetarians to paleo, low-carb and grain-free dieters.

Some of their most Popular Snacks include:

 -3pm Goji: Beat the 3pm slump with this snack! The goji berries give you a steady release of energy, plus the cherries, berries and 70% organic chocolate sere serve up a super dose of antioxidants.

-Hearty Tamari: A healthy alternative to potato chips but with the same satisfying crunch, Hearty Tamari is a blend of sesame sticks, spicy pretzels, almonds and cashews — all slow roasted in delicious tamari.

-Maple Praline Almonds: Our salute to Canada, we use the finest Quebec maple syrup and mix in some praline deliciousness. These crunchy nuggets are crafted in small batches using high-grade California almonds. -Thai Holiday: This mix of wild rice sticks, curry cashews, flaked coconut and sun-dried mango is the perfect blend of sweet and spicy all in one!

Other top picks include Aloha Kauai, Chipotle Lime Pistachios, Ginger Staycation and Honeybee Sprinkles.

The Inspiration

With more Canadians being diagnosed with diet-related illnesses every day, people are becoming acutely aware of the importance of healthier eating. As a UBC spin-off food tech company, Naked Snacks recognized the need to make healthy snacking more accessible to everyone. Working hand in hand with a nutritionist, NS developed a line of delicious snacks that are nutritionally balanced, and combined it with convenient delivery to make smart snacking easier. You can place either a one-time order or an ongoing subscription, with free delivery across Canada. Each snack offers 80% whole-grown goodness straight from the source + 20% earned indulgence as a reward for making smart food choices.

Why Naked?

Naked because we work to stay away from processed ingredients. Naked because we are open about what goes in the food we make: -No artificial colours, flavours, or sweeteners -No harmful preservatives -No high fructose corn syrup -No trans fats -No more than 200 calories per 35 gram portion

Doing Good Makes Good Business Sense

Naked Snacks believes businesses should be doing more good in the world – lots and lots of good. So whenever possible, we use organic, fair-trade and local ingredients (e.g. BC cherries, Okanagan peaches), and work with local producers like Potluck Cafe Society (a social enterprise focused on creating jobs for DTES residents and providing them with access to healthy food). Furthermore, for every box we sell, we donate to Breakfast for Learning to provide a healthy snack for a hungry child at school.

This Holiday season give the gift of nutrition, convenience and yummy snacks with Naked Snacks. Use code: Styling  to receive a discount and if you like siracha and cashews I highly recommend them!


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