Christmas shopping savings with Groupon Coupons

Yesterday my husband and I were discussing Christmas shopping and the importance of saving money to buy gifts.  Each year, we normally save money to spend on Christmas gifts for our children, family, and friends. This year, however, we didn’t do this because I traveled a few places. In short, a portion of our ‘extra’ funds went to travel this past year.

Being a stay at home/work at home mom has many rewarding benefits. I love that I can take my daughters to and from school, and have the freedom to freelance and blog from home. I absolutely love what I do, but let’s just say it isn’t making me millions of dollars. I feel so fortunate to stay home with my daughters, but it’s a personal choice, and my husband and I make many sacrifices so we can continue to do this until our youngest daughter is in school full-time.

Essentially, I feel rich within because I’m doing what I love, and doing what I love makes me happy. The reality however is; happiness isn’t going to buy other people’s Christmas presents!

Admittedly, I’ve always loved finding a good deal, however, sometimes out of pure convenience, I buy the first thing I see instead of searching around for the best deal.

This Christmas to save money, I’ll definitely be taking the time to source out the best deals. Ultimately, we need to be financially smart about buying gifts, so we don’t end up over-spending. Over-spending at Christmas can put a huge burden and financial stress on families after the holiday season. If however we can stay within budget, and live within our means we will go into the new year with peace of mind and a sense of freedom.

I’ve recently snagged some great local deals, but there are some items my girls have put on their wish list that I have to buy at the bigger retailers. For example, my eldest daughter is really into Nike. She’s been obsessing over a pair of black and white Nike air max shoes ( we can thank Instagram for that).  I knew the day would come when she would start to pick out her own stuff, and unfortunately, she doesn’t wear child size anything anymore which automatically makes the things on her wish list more pricey.

Fortunately, “Groupon Coupons,” has partnered with more than 9000 national retailers. The Groupon Coupons site is completely free for consumers and is a way for them to get exclusive discount promo codes and coupons for major retailers such as Macy’s, Travelocity, Office Depot, Foot Locker, and thousands more.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Groupon. We have used their site to buy many restaurant savings and other deals. This Christmas I’ll be using  “Groupon Coupon” to save on my eldest daughters Nike shoes:)

These are some of the coupons I’ll be using:

If you’re looking for some great deals this holiday season, check out Groupon Coupons!

There’s no shame in using coupons. Saving money takes discipline, but almost results in feelings of peace of mind.

Happy Christmas savings friends! xx


*This is a sponsored post all opinions expressed are authentically my own. 
Image source: pinterest

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