Fuel Happiness with Gabrielle Bernstein

On December 5, 2015, my friend, Kate Muker founder of Conscious Divas is hosting an event with Lululemon
called Fuel Happiness with New York Times best­-selling author, Gabrielle Bernstein.


When I was asked to become a blog ambassador for this event, I immediately jumped on the opportunity. I remember watching an episode of Super Soul Sunday, with Gabrielle Bernstein as one of the guests. Oprah called Gabrielle a next generation thought leader, and suddenly I was intrigued. Gabrielle shared her story of hitting rock bottom, and then having a spiritual awakening, an awakening which brought her to the place she is now-an author, speaker and spiritual leader, otherwise known as a #spiritjunkie.

Gabby is such an inspiration ( I’m already calling her Gabby, like we’re friends) I’m beyond excited about this event! I can already feel the buzzing energy, of like-minded people being inspired by Gabby’s words of wisdom. Gabrielle will lead an inspirational talk on how to bring peace, presence and authenticity into every area of your life. She will guide us through her foolproof process for being at peace – not just during yoga or in meditation – but when you choose.

As a pre-­event warm-­up, here are a few questions I was asked by Kate so I can share a bit about my pursuit of happiness.

Q. Happiness is… a mindset and it stems from how you feel on the inside. No one can create your happiness for you. It’s an internal job. 

Q. Has your definition of happiness changed over your lifetime? If so, how and what inspired the

Growing up, my pursuit for happiness revolved around superficial things like trying to obtain a ‘HOT’ body, perfectionism and having the nicest material things. The things I accumulated never felt like enough, and so the vicious cycle began. This cycle of needing more, led to comparisons and overall  resulted in  feelings of emptiness, and insecurities. The more insecure I felt, the more I would try to cover up my insecurities on the outside, instead of doing the inner work to feel good on the inside!

Through some serious reflection, (which wasn’t easy) and learning from painful mistakes, I realised trying to obtain happiness from outside sources, was, at the end of the day, making me unhappy! Once I came to this conclusion, I began to live for the now, appreciating all that I’m blessed with. Happiness became a result of my gratitude. And once I began to live with more of a ‘gratitude attitude’, the simplest of things contributed to my over-all happy state of being and confidence. 

Q. What is your go­-to practice that brings you peace when life gets intense?

I love hiking, running, and getting my sweat on at Oxygen Yoga and Fitness. The mental clarity I feel after doing any of these exercises, whether light or vigorous,  is essential for bringing peace into my life-especially when things get tense!

Q. Which area of your life calls for you to show up with more authenticity? Friendships, work life, social media, first interactions with people, family?

In all honesty, I try to cultivate the habit of ‘showing up’ and being authentic in all areas of my life. It’s definitely a practice and needs strengthening, but once it’s cultivated, it sets you free.  I couldn’t stand who I was when I was ‘pretending’ to be someone else. The most amazing feeling ever, is showing up, and being seen exactly as you are. 

Q. What are you thoughts on meditation? Tell us why (and how) you practice or why you don’t.

I have never practiced meditation, however, things like hiking alone in the woods, bring me so much peace, and clarity, I feel like it’s my meditation! I am however, completely open to trying meditation and I’m looking forward to practicing at the Fuel happiness event.

Q. Share three tendencies of yours that sometimes get in the way of your happiness.


Comparisons almost always result in feelings of ‘not enough’. And the social media highlight reels make it easy to get caught up in comparing my ‘behind-the-scenes’ with all the glorious stuff others share.  When I get the icky comparison feeling, I take a break from social media, and focus on things that make me happy, like my family, writing, and giving back. Every moment I waste comparing my life with someone else’s is a moment of happiness I take away from myself. It’s not worth it!

2. Putting myself last

It’s so easy as a mother to put myself on the back burner, tending to my children, family, and work first. However, when I’m not carving out time for me, I end up feeling burnt out and stressed, which gets in the way of my happiness.

3. Over-analyzing

I’ve always been an analyzer. In many ways this is a good thing. Analyzing helps me interpret my emotions, situations, etcetera. However, over-analyzing doesn’t contribute to my happiness at all! It almost always leads to assumptions, feelings of self-doubt and even anxiety. It’s definitely something I am aware of, and I don’t over -analyze as often as I did when I was younger. 

Q. What is your favourite quote on happiness?

“Happiness is an inside job”-unknown

And one of  my favorite quotes from Gabby Bernstein is:



If you’re looking for more happiness and peace in your life you don’t want to miss this event! I hope to see you there!


Purchase your tickets before they sell out!



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