The Harvest Festival at the Coquitlam Farmers Market

On Sunday my husband and two of our daughters attended the Harvest Festival at the Coquitlam Farmers Market. When we arrived my youngest daughter was in one of her moods and said she wanted to stay in the car. My husband said he would sit with her ( he knows walking around with a grumpy child isn’t always fun).

As soon as we approached the market we saw kids jumping and playing in a huge pile of hay. Immediately, my daughter ran back to the car to tell her youngest sister to come join in on the fun! The girls were reluctant to jump in. Instead, they decided to watch the other children search for paper apples in the hay.

Next to the hay stack, the girls saw some children bobbing for apples hanging from a tree. It looked like so much fun, we decided to try too!


My daughter couldn’t quite grab the swinging apple, so I joined her, and after a few attempts I caught it with my teeth. It was loads of fun.

Once we finished apple bobbing, we walked over to the arts and crafts tent. The girls decided to make some paper veggies. How cute are these?

IMG_7545  IMG_7539  IMG_7544

Once the girls finished making paper veggies, we began to shop around. While we were shopping, we bumped into the cutest little girls, pushing around mini shopping carts full of produce, (which reminded me… I completely forgot to bring my own shopping basket or bag)!


E37E1908-D755-4194-B771-6033577147D4 D69D0171-5110-4BA1-BC97-5FAA0841D364 IMG_7553

The market offers a  variety of things to taste and see. I couldn’t help it, I think I tasted everything…even vodka! Yes, I had a vodka shot at 10am! And, I ended up purchasing it! The perfect shot to add with espresso, ice-cream, or with holiday breakfast. I also ended up purchasing delicious salsa ( yes, I tasted it too) with a small, fresh bag of tortilla chips.BC8F8C4E-0003-4AEB-B98C-BC7A0F5FCAFF

I loved seeing all the fresh colorful flowers, and I really wanted to buy a bunch. Sadly, I didn’t because we were going to be out for the rest of the day, and they would have most likely died in the car.

IMG_7549 IMG_7555   IMG_7572

As soon as the girls saw kettle corn, they wanted it! They remember trying it at the Port Moody Market so we grabbed them a giant bag to share. I swear I fed them breakfast before we left, but they still asked for giant pretzels when they saw those too!

IMG_7570 IMG_7588 IMG_7581

We walked around a bit more, shopped around for some produce and tried some more yummy treats and cheese. My youngest bought herself the cutest handmade necklace with a strawberry on it. How fitting since we were at the farmers market!


The second thing I  regret not buying was… these amazing looking pies!!!

5664BB84-E0EE-4D9F-B332-2B4C4C95A8C6 IMG_9568 IMG_7596

Right before we decided to leave, the rain started to lightly come down, so we grabbed the girls some warm hot chocolate.

IMG_7623 The Harvest Festival was such a great way to spend our Sunday morning, and it was a great way to contribute to our environment, while supporting local!

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The Coquitlam Farmers Market ends on Oct.25th and the Port Moody Farmers Market opens Sunday, November 2nd. If you’re looking for something to do with the family on a Sunday, check it out!

*This is a sponsored post all opinions expressed are authentically my own.

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