Girls night out at the West Coast Women’s Show & giveaway

Girls nights are something my close girlfriends and I used to make time for quite often. We would hang out almost every weekend, plan girl trip vacations, and spend as much time as we could with one another.

However, partying and vacationing are at the bottom of our priority list, and careers and babies are now at  the top.

For this reason, we only see one another for girls nights when it’s someones birthday and that’s even hard to plan for! It can be difficult to choose a night that works for everyone, and to find a sitter. And often times, we don’t want to hit the downtown scene.

More often than not we become stuck and can’t find ideas on what to do for girls night. As a result, we get lazy, and we end up staying in.

Hanging out with girlfriends however is NEEDED. It’s so essential for our well-being and it’s so good for the soul. It helps us feel less alone, it brings us back to the person we were before slobber, diapers, driving to lessons and mediating sibling rivalry.  If you don’t have children, it takes your mindset away from your work.

Girls nights can be hard to plan, but once you’re out with your girls, laughing, reminiscing, shopping, vacationing, and simply catching up on one another’s lives, a huge part of yourself comes back to life. It feels like a breath of fresh air, (without the smell of  poopy diapers), and leaves you feeling refreshed when you go back to care for your family, work, boyfriend, dog, etcetera.  Consider girls night out, much-needed self-care, because that’s exactly how it feels after time spent with  girlfriends!

If you’re craving a day or night out with your girlfriends, and need something to do, check out the West Coast Women’s Show on Oct, 16, 17, and 18th at the Tradex Centre in Abbotsord. It’s the ultimate girls weekend!

The West Coast Women’s Show is the place where every girl’s shopping fantasy can come true, where you can shop ‘til you drop and SAVE at over 400 booths! With all the latest products and services for women from hundreds of exhibitors, you will find everything on your wish list and more. Plus, enjoy incredible entertainment on FIVE stages, including celebrity speakers, fashion shows, cooking demonstrations, wellness & beauty secrets, a community entertainment showcase, calendar firefighters and so much more!



If you can make it out with your girlfriends it will definitely uplift your spirits!

Tickets are on sale now, at London Drugs and you can save $2 on adult admission when you buy your tickets online.

You can read more about the West Coast Women’s show here.

I’m also giving away a beautiful K2H Locket package, be sure to check them out at the West Coast Women’s show!

Enter here!

Best of luck friends!



K2H medium chocolate locket (1) (1)

*This is a sponsored post, all opinions expressed are authentically my own. xx

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