When you fear missing out you miss the moment #FOMO

Every so often I post a Styling the Inside quote on my Instagram feed. This past Sunday I posted one about fear of missing out, otherwise known as FOMO.


When FOMO (Fear of missing out) hits you, you become consumed with wishing you were someplace else instead of enjoying whatever it is you are doing at that very moment. It happens to everyone, but what I’ve realized is this: if you let FOMO get the best of you, you end up taking for granted who you’re with, or whatever it is you’re doing at the moment.

That said, if you ever fear you’re missing out, I hope this is a reminder to enjoy the moment you’re in.

I know I’ll be reminding myself of this when everyone’s all glammed up for a very good cause at the @nordstromvan Gala. 😉

On a serious note, FOMO can cause insecurity, anxiety, make people question perhaps why they weren’t invited somewhere, and these emotions aren’t healthy.

The only cure I can think of to help eliminate this anxious feeling that stems from the digital world are to have more GRATITUDE. Let’s spend less time checking our feeds, wishing we were someplace else and more time being grateful for the moment we’re in. 


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