Guest Blog: How To Not Lose Your Style In Motherhood

A few weeks ago, I was involved in a fun styled Fall fashion photo shoot with a few mom & entrepreneur friends and our kiddos.  This mom/child photo shoot inspired my friend Jessica, founder of Emerson Apparel to write a guest post on her personal style and motherhood.

I love Jessica’s style. She wears everything with confidence and was definitely born to stand out. Oh, and she hardly wears a stitch of make- up! Her natural beauty, one-of-a-kind style, and fun, genuine spirit totally kick-ass.

In Jessica’s guest post she shares her personal journey with style before becoming a mother, how she “lost” a bit of it after becoming a mom and why she got it back!

How To Not Lose Your Style In Motherhood

By Jessica Frank, designer & owner of Emerson Apparel

Before I became a mother, my style was a huge part of who I was – it represented my mood, where I was at in life at that time, and how I felt about myself. When I was feeling edgy and adventurous, I would wear ripped jeans, vintage tees, black blazers, and pile on the jewels. Piles and piles of gold beaded and leather necklaces, hoop earrings, and snake rings. I couldn’t get enough.

When I felt I needed to get it together a bit more, out came the skinny dark denim, Madewell blouses, and ballet flats. The jewelry was more modest this time around, with simple Kara Yoo staple studs and the Cartier watch I received as a college graduation present from my parents. (My official “I’m an adult” statement piece.)

Throughout my entire pregnancy, I channeled my inner Stevie Nicks with flowing tops and rocker-chic accessories. I remember when I checked into the hospital to give birth, I was wearing high top camo Chucks and one too many bangles. I can only imagine what the nurse was thinking.

Once my little lady was born, I was lucky if I could run a brush through my hair let alone accessorize my pajama-turned-going-out outfit. Sleep shirts underneath a sweatshirt is acceptable restaurant attire, right?

Plus, the amount of time I spend curating my daughter’s wardrobe adds up to a part-time job. Heck, I started a kids clothing company because I love children’s fashion so much. When she looks awesome, I feel awesome. When she is rocking her denim jacket, I’m rocking my denim jacket. She’ll only be this age once, soon she’ll be dressing herself and then the days of me dressing up my baby doll will be gone. I better appreciate it while it lasts.

Fast forward 18 months, and I felt like Stella, getting my groove back. I started to “try” again, finally fitting back into my pre-pregnancy wardrobe and dusting off the old accessories boxes. I realized – I’ve spent years and years collecting some really amazing pieces – threadbare tees, Philip Lim jackets, vintage blouses and insane biker boots. Why was I letting them sit, lonely and unloved, in the back of my closet? Surely my Joe Fresh pajamas that I bought at Superstore didn’t deserve more attention than my vintage Harley Davidson t-shirt. C’mon Jess, get it together.

So I decided I was not going to let my style get lost in motherhood. And why should it? Sure, it might take a few extra minutes to get ready in the morning, but fashion is a part of who I am. I always tell my husband that fashion is my hobby, and that’s why I have to go shopping. It’s not by choice, it’s in my blood! Blame genetics.

Fashion isn’t about staying on trend for me, it’s about feeling good on the inside from how I decorate myself on the outside. You don’t have to let go of who you are because your focus has shifted. Being a mom will do that to you – shift your focus. But holding on to a small part of your identity, or at least letting your identity transform with you as you become a mother, allows you to keep a piece of your “old self”, and that’s important to keep you from completely jumping off the deep end.



Me and my girl. Do you ever feel like you’re in love with your children? I know it sounds weird, but it sure doesn’t feel weird. And I’m madly in love.

Pic 1: Emerson: Wearing the Neon Electric Jam Tee by Emerson Apparel
Jessica: Blazer & Dress by Nicole Bridger, Jewelry by Kara Yoo
Pic2 & Pic3: Emerson: Top & pants by Emerson Apparel
Jessica: Top & Skirt from Much & Little, Jewelry by Kara Yoo


 My beautiful friend Jen and her beautiful mini Esti. Jen, the owner of VONBON, knows what it’s like to juggle work, family, and personal style, and she does it effortlessly!

Jen: Top by Nicole Bridger, Necklace by Coral + Cloud
Esti: Top by Emerson Apparel, pants from VONBON



 Jamie rocks my world. She is an empowering, inspirational woman who does it all. I’m in awe of her – she is raising three daughters while running a successful blog. Plus, look at these two, obviously, their bond is as tight as can be!

Jamie: Top and Pants by Much & Little
Charley: Top & Pants by Emerson Apparel


 Samantha is just an all-around amazing woman. She is an incredible mother, friend, blogger, and stylist. I love her (and her style) to bits. She and her son Kingston are rockin’ these looks!

Samantha: Top, Skirt & Purse by Nicole Bridger
Kingston: Top & Pants by Emerson Apparel, Beanie by Whistle & Flute


 The crew. Four women, four mothers, four entrepreneurs, four styles, four friends.

Jen & Jamie: Clothing courtesy of Nicole Bridger. Jewelry by Kara Yoo
Jessica: Dress by Christy Dawn, Blazer by Nicole Bridger, Jewelry by Kara Yoo
Samantha: Outfit from Much & Little, Jewelry by Kara Yoo
Photos courtesy of Stage Lab Photography

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