Life through Morgans Lenses: securing a future for her children, while living out her passions.

A few weeks ago, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting eyewear specialist Morgan at the Spectacle Shoppe.  As soon as I entered the Spectacle shoppe, Morgan greeted me with an ear -to- ear smile. She showed me around the shop, explaining in detail the services they offer. I fell in love with the kids corner, and the assortment of kids designers frames.

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 Morgan is a mom of two young children, and a licensed optical technician transitioning into the Principle at Spectacle Shoppe — a boutique optical shop in Kerrisdale serving mom and kids and specializing in safe and secure eye wear for active children — all while managing her journey with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). With MS it’s hard to plan for the future because “relapses” or “episodes” can occur at anytime. Morgan’s biggest goal is to help secure a future for her children through work that she is passionate about doing.


Beyond the cosmetic look of the frames in Morgans store are the lenses in which Morgan views her work and her life. Having Multiple Sclerosis has definitely changed the way she sees out of her lenses. Morgans work/life perspective is viewed from her lenses in a hopeful (for a cure) and live your best life now way. Morgan has an optimistic attitude and is grateful  for her long-time position and new transition into Principle at Spectacle Shoppe.

 Although living with MS is challenging, and some days are harder physically than others, Morgan says, “I’m really passionate about helping families and children find eyewear that is secure and safe, and just the right fit.”

Morgan showed me nose pieces that I’ve never seen before, which basically mold to your bridge. In addition, I was shown how durable some of these frames are ( you can bend them!) and  the cutest photo of her son, (her motivation and inspiration to keep going everyday) is displayed in the Spectacle Shoppe’s window! Isn’t he adorable in his shades?!


 I left the Spectacle Shoppe feeling very inspired by Morgans strength. I have so much admiration for mothers who live out their passions and in this particular situation I am beyond inspired!

If you’re looking for frames for yourself or your family, be sure to check out Spectacle Shoppe! The customer service is exceptional, and Morgan will surely greet you with a smile:)

Here are three blog articles written by Spectacle with some great information:

1. How to get your child to wear and love their glasses

2. The importance of sunglasses for kids

3. Glasses and your nose getting the bridge right

Social Media Handles you can follow Spectacle on:


Instagram: @Spectacleshoppeca

Twitter: @Spectacleshopca

*This is a sponsored post, all opinions and views expressed however are my own. 

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