Being Brave all year long

September 1st is here!

It’s unbelievable how fast the last two months flew by. In the beginning of the summer the girls and I were involved in the Raw Beauty Talks #Mybeachbody campaign. It was so great to see so many people out there embracing the skin there in, using the hashtag, and posting photos in their already perfect beach bodies.

With summer coming to an end, I felt compelled to share how the campaign significantly changed my inner dialogue this summer. I think being a part of the photo shoot and putting my beach body out there for the world to see, made me realize that if I already put it out there with these photos, I shouldn’t care whatsoever how others might view my beach body, because at the end of the day,  it’s a functioning body that is perfect the way it is.

In addition, my girls loved being part of such an impactful campaign, My eldest posted one of her photos on her social media feed, and the feedback she received from her peers, made her realize how easily they are impacted by media. She received hugs in the hallway at school for her bravery, and didn’t understand why people were so ‘inspired’. I explained it was because of her bravery, and leadership. Needless to say, she will always remember the photo shoot at the beach that day.

I guess I’m writing this to remind myself and all of you, that although summer is coming to an end, and you may not have to step onto the beach in your swimsuits, there will be days that you will have to step out of your comfort zone for something else. And the only way to face the fear of doing what you think you can’t, is to simply do it. Being fearless, doesn’t mean you won’t be afraid. It just means, you carry on despite the fear. And once you do it, you realize it isn’t so bad.

The Raw Beauty Talks #MyBeachBody campaign reminds me that  acts of courage, no matter how big or small always increase confidence.

Let’s teach ourselves, and model to our children, that there is no such thing as fearlessness, but there are always ways to face our fears. By being brave, changing our inner dialogue, and believing in ourselves, we contribute to society in a very positive way.

It all begins… within and being brave is something we can do, all year long.

Happy September everyone!










Photos: Britney Gill Photography 

2 thoughts on “Being Brave all year long

  1. I’m officially inspired! I love it when I get that warm fuzzy feeling that my life is a little bit better because of someone’s wise words. And you and your girls are gorgeous! So happy your daughter posted her pic no her social media.

    1. Hi Sandra,
      Thank you so much for reading. I’m so happy to hear this inspired you. And yes I was super proud of my daughter for sharing her photo! Thanks for the tweet. Have a wonderful day! Xxxx

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