Guest Blog: Keisha Boutilier- “Making quality time with our children”

Keisha Boutilier founder of approached me at the Vancity Business Babes mompreneur panel event I spoke at a few months back.  With the kindest, sweetest energy, she introduced herself, and said in a very shy, quiet tone,  “Hi, I’ve followed you for a while and you’re really inspirational. I’m a new blogger and wanted to introduce myself.”

I thought it was really brave of Keisha to approach me. I remember when I began this journey, I did the same thing. I would walk up to people  I wanted to meet, and introduce myself. For me, it became the beginning of many friendships. I responded to Keisha by thanking her for approaching me, and I told her to keep approaching people, it’s personal, and it’s one of the best ways to build community around her blog.

Keisha is a mom to a son, and a beautiful baby girl. She  married her high school sweetheart, and grew up in Novia Scotia. She is also a certified esthetician, graduating from the Blanche McDonald Centre.

Keishas goal for her blog is to connect with others, share her adventures as a mom, support local shops & businesses, and she does a pretty awesome job of supporting other moms too!

In todays guest post Keisha shares with us 7 ways she makes quality time with her 6-year-old son.

7 ways I make Quality Time – Keisha Boutilier

All through my second pregnancy I always caught myself wondering how our lives were going to change. I knew it was going to be busy but I don’t think I realized just how chaotic it was about to get. I worried about many things, particularly, how our family would make quality time. We all know how important quality time is with our kids. But like most parents, time is a precious thing that escapes us all to fast. Whether it be from our busy jobs, new babies, cooking, cleaning or just trying to savour that last bit of coffee. We always wish we had more time!

My son was an only child for nearly 5 years, spending time with him came without a worry. My husband and I had plenty of time to give him. In hindsight, I feel that we might have taken it for granted. The truth is, with a new baby in the house our oldest son now gets a little less; not less love just less of our uninterrupted quality time.

Although our son has transitioned very well, the guilt I feel as a mother often kicks in and my emotions start to get the best of me! That said, I had to get creative and thoughtful on how to spend quality while achieving other day-to-day tasks. After all, moms are the greatest at multitasking.

1. Steal a Moment:

On busy days it’s easy to lose sight of the moment right in front of us. Lately, I try to remind myself to stop and steal a moment! In between diaper changes and tying shoes. I simply stop and give my son a hug, act silly or stare at them and smile!

2. Say yes more:

Sometimes I  have to forget everything in front of me, (it will most likely be there when I  get back) and I  just have to say, ” YES!” When the kids ask to play with me, instead of saying, “in a minute” I consciously make an effort to say yes more.

3. Go on  dates:

Going on dates can be hard, especially with a newborn at home. Sometimes it’s hard to escape the house. However, when I schedule one- on- one dates with my son (outside of the house) it always feels good. I have no other distractions in front of me; just him.

4. Connect on car rides with conversation:

We always connect during car rides. We’ve had so many interesting, unexpected, hilarious conversations in the car. Sometimes it’s just him talking and I’m ok with that. I love to hear his little voice.

5. Tell them their baby stories:

My son loves to hear stories from when he was a baby. I love reminiscing with him. I compare them to his baby sister so he kind of gets an idea that he was once that baby boy too. He loves it, and it makes him feel so special.

6. Stay present during dinner time: 

I love connecting with the family at dinner time. We turn everything off and just talk. These moments are hard to do every night. We definitely have days that we don’t all sit down for dinner. In addition, (depending on my patience level and my level of hunger) I will let my eldest son help in the kitchen. This usually makes him feel joyful, and helpful. And, when he’s done he’ll walk away and entertain himself.

7. Cuddle at bedtime:

Bedtime is sometimes the best part of the day and other times it is a real struggle. I always however, find that bed time is the best time for cuddling. We read books, sing lullabies, and even make up our own stories too. These are fun quality moments, and I can always include my daughter too.

At the end of the day,  all our children really want is love and attention. I know it’s easier said than done, but I try to make an effort to do these 7 things when I’m feeling like my son needs some extra mommy time. I remind myself to leave the multi-tasking, chores and errands for later. That stuff can wait!

I hope some of these tips work for you too!

Thanks for these wonderful tips Keisha. I know number 2 is definitely one I need to work on!



You can follow Keisha on her blogging adventures here:

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