What happens in Vegas stays in… is going on my blog ;)

Last  weekend 15 girls including myself ventured to Viva Las Vegas for my best friends bachelorette party.

To be quite honest, I was very resistant about the trip leading up to it.  I haven’t been to Vegas since 2007 and partying is something I don’t do like I did in the past.  In fact, I know this sounds ridiculous but when my husband and I got married in 2007  our entrance song was party like a rock star. Yup, there’s no denying, we loved to party. We had our kids young, and still loved to let loose and have a good old-time.

However, almost a decade later, my kind of partying consists of intimate dinners with intellectual conversation, networking events, quality time at bbqs at friends houses, and hiking. Going out and getting shit- faced just doesn’t do anything for me. Well, actually, it does a few things:

It makes me feel like ass.

It takes me days to recover.

It makes me feel guilty.

Last but not least, it makes me remember why I don’t do it anymore.

Needless to say, this is the reason I felt resistant about going to my best friends bachelorette party.

However, as her MOH I had to snap out of the “I don’t want to party state of mind” and tell myself things like:  “It’s not like you get shit-faced every weekend. This is a girls trip like Sex and the City. This only happens every eight years. We don’t ever get this girl time together like we used to. And… I got married once. It’s not about me! It’s about the bride!” 

And you know what? Once I changed my thoughts, I had the BEST time… ever!

I simply had to stop being so hard on myself and remember that going out and having a good time in Vegas doesn’t mean I’m a bad mom either. In fact, out of the 15 girls there were 7 moms, and 2 engaged women.

One morning, my best friend face timed her son in the hotel room, and as soon as her little guy saw her face, he cried, and then she couldn’t hold in her tears and she cried!

For another friend it was her very first time in 2 years leaving her son! As much as she missed him, she said this trip was good for everyone. She knew her husband needed the quality time alone with their son, and she wanted him to experience on his own, what it feels like to spend full days with a toddler.

My sister left her 1-year-old, with a very positive, guilt-free attitude, she told herself she needed the break (good for her).

Another friend left her husband with her toddler and baby! When we face timed him from the hotel room he was about to rock the baby before taking his toddler to soccer practice. It was super cute.

My friend and I laughed at the club one night saying we should hashtag one of our group photos #daddydaycare. In other words, we knew our children were in good hands and we had nothing to worry about.

So, let me get back to the point of this post and tell you about what happened in Vegas!!

Vegas is very, ‘go, go, go’ the weekend went by so fast and we tried our best to do as much as we could! Let’s just say by Sunday, no one had an ounce of energy left in them!



These are some of the ‘little things’ I gathered for the Bride-to-Be. Every bachelorette party needs a little something to stand out. That said, I grabbed medium-sized buttons from the Icing store, a sash, a whip with a blinged out handle and two veils.  I was given  personalized tattoos and hangover kits from Gold Tinsel.  Gold Tinsel also  generously sent me a few extras including dare cards, mini pins and stylish gold tattoos!

Visit Gold Tinsel for all of your personalized bachelorette party needs! I know the “Oh shit kits” really came in handy.  I packed them with band aids, moist wipes, liquid Advil, chapstick, hair ties, a mini deodorant, and a pack of gum! You have no idea how handy the gum, band aids and Advil were!



As soon as we got to the Cosmopolitan Hotel, we put on our suits and hit the pool! We rented a Cabana, ordered a bunch of food and drinks, and chilled before our night out!

IMG_7445    IMG_7436


The theme for Friday night was ‘white night’. The bride dressed in  her favorite colour pink and the rest of the gals were dressed in  white! We put on  our personalized ‘team Bride’ tattoos from Gold Tinsel and dressed the bride up in her veil, sash, a Gold Tinsel tattoo and  she carried around her whip. I knew the whip would be trouble because she kept whipping us!!

IMG_7470 IMG_7478 IMG_7930

We went for a nice dinner and then headed to  XS night club where we had a reserved area with a beautiful view of the pool. The bride lasted until about… 1:30 (grandma).  I went back to the room with her and a few others ( I guess I’m a grandma too)  and the gals that still had in them to dance the night away stayed!


IMG_7560 IMG_7887

IMG_7583-0                 IMG_7657

The next morning we woke up and went to Encore Beach Club. It was the busiest, craziest, outdoor pool party I’ve ever been too! And, the DJ playing was Kaskade!  Thanks to a friend, we probably had the best spot ( yes, I’m totally bragging) but it’s true. Kaskade was right in front of us, and we didn’t have to have people’s sweaty bodies touching  us on the dance floor.

I think we only lasted about two hours at the pool party, but it was a lot of FUN! The bride kept screaming, “I love Kaskade!”

After we left the pool party, we went back to our hotel for some FOOD! In short, we pigged out and then went back to our rooms for a little rest and to get ready for the CHIPPENDALES show!

The reason I have Chippendales in caps is because I went in with such a closed mind. I really thought I wasn’t going to have fun. I thought strip tease shows were cheesy and lame. But… it was the highlight of the trip!!! I lost my voice from screaming so hard trying to get the bride on stage!!! The energy in the room was so FUN : women were going wild!!!

IMG_7685    IMG_7709  IMG_7712

I screamed, I laughed, and… I CRIED!!!!! One of the Chippendales came out singing a slow Ed Shearan song, and it made me think of my husband and I started to CRY! I looked back at my friends, tried to wipe the tears from falling but they wouldn’t stop! One friend looked at me, shook her and said, “You are not doing this now” ( it’s happened before,  at a jay Z concert). Needless to say, I had a blast and highly recommend taking a bride to see the Chippendales if her bachelorette is in Vegas. It might move her to tears. LOL!!

After the show we went back to the room, and changed into our flip-flops. We knew we wouldn’t last another night in high heels. Consequently, we had a few ‘baby giraffes’ walking through the hotel the night before, and we wanted to be able to walk at the end of the night, and not feel like it was the first time on our legs.

IMG_7946 We ended up going to Omnia night club, ( in flip flops) and… we DANCED the night away! We looked short in comparison to the thousands of others there but we DID NOT CARE! I kept saying, ” comfort is confidence” and boy were we comfortable.

IMG_7788 IMG_7898 IMG_7722


The next morning we all met at the Wicked Spoon buffet in the Cosmo hotel for the yummiest food! My photos DO NOT do justice! It was the comfort food we needed ( well, we probably should have had nourishing greens) but after a very busy two days of partying like we’re 20, we opted for this! 😉

IMG_7850 IMG_7847


After we ate, we had plans to walk around the strip, and do some shopping before we went home, but… we couldn’t do it. Although we tried to party like the last time we were in Vegas in 2007, our age has definitely  caught up to us.  In fact, in 2007 I’m pretty sure we fit in shopping and one last night out on the Sunday. There was no way that was happening!!!

All in all, it was  a memorable experience and it was great girl time. However,  I probably won’t go back for another decade!  Unless… it’s to watch some shows, or bring my family for some pool time, shopping, eating, and to check out all the cool hotels.

Vegas, you were a slice! I hope the next bride aka my sister, decides to have a relaxing retreat!!! ( hint hint).




4 thoughts on “What happens in Vegas stays in… is going on my blog ;)

  1. I followed your trip on Instagram as though I were the unwanted chick that wouldn’t leave lol I’ve always wanted to do a girls weekend in Vegas but my husband would be highly offended to miss all that beautiful weather and the sign of Palm trees (we live in Wiinipeg…’nuff said.) I think you all partied like Rockstar and you looked gorgeous doing it. My eyeliner was melting to my chin just watching you guys!! And I’m totally signing up to your blog. I’m such a fan/groupie.

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