Guest Blog: Ranbir Puar- “Breathe in the life that you deserve”


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This weeks guest blog is written by Ranbir Puar. Puar is a happily married mother of two beautiful boys (and a very cute dog).  She grew up on Vancouver Island and has lived in Vancouver since the age of 18.  When she was a ‘career-woman’, she worked in Sales, Marketing, and Business Development. Puars  been described as tenacious and extremely focused, while consistently exceeding each corporate objective presented to her. In other words, she has always been a leader. After the birth of her first son, she decided to leave her career and become a full-time mom. Given that her beliefs and self-esteem were so heavily tied to her career, she wondered how she was going to manage.

“The first year was so challenging, as it felt like I had to re-learn how to live! Having a child made me question everything that I thought was REAL.  I began a journey that, incredibly, would create a ‘rebirth’ of the child inside of me and ultimately, the birth of Spirituality for Reality Inc. (S4R Inc.)”

 Puar alongside her husband Surinder developed the concepts behind S4R Inc. with the intention of providing their own family with an understanding of how to advance mind, body, and spirit irrespective of any life challenge.

Today, their clients speak volumes about life-altering results achieved through their  programs. S4R Inc. emphasizes earth-bound realism while integrating leading edge ideas on harnessing the energies of the universe (hence the reason for their business name “Spirituality For Reality Inc”.)

Ever had a moment in your life when you found yourself in a heap on the floor, crying – praying for a change?

I have.  I can recall feeling so down, so lost, that I sat on the floor and cried until I couldn’t cry any more.  I would say to God, “I have done what I can, please show me the way.”

At the time I didn’t know it, but allowing myself to surrender was just what I needed.

That full surrender is the moment when we can hear the quiet….. when the wants/ guidance of the inner self can be heard.  This is often when we can hear our inner-guidance telling us that there is strength enough within us to keep going.

Why can’t we hear it more often?  Often, when the pressure is not on, our thinking defaults into ego-driven concerns… typically stuff relating to how we measure up against others.  

When the pressure is on, we often purge our minds of the non-essential stuff.  In that moment, we open up the mental bandwidth required to assess the state of our foundation…. our self-image.   

But not everyone is able to hear that inner-guidance system after such a big release.  Some people are so far removed from their inner-being that instead of having a gap between their thoughts, they just hear more thoughts of self-doubt, hatred – FEAR.  I used to be that way, so I can relate.  My self-image was very low.  My inner-voice used to tell me, “you are nothing, no one wants you”.  

So how can you move from a place of FEAR to a place of LOVE?  How do you go from the outside in?  How do you bolster your self-image?

These are five things that I put into practice and that helped me make the shift:

    1. Take responsibility for everything that happens to me.  As Brian Tracy said, “You are not always responsible for what happens, but you are always responsible for your reaction to it.”
    2. Pay attention to the questions I ask myself.  Instead of asking “Why doesn’t anything work out for me”, I started asking “I know there is growth in this experience… how am I supposed to I grow from this?”
    3. Don’t dilute my inner power.  Just as adding too much water to the frozen concentrated juice makes the juice ‘disappear’, the same thing happens to your inner strength depending upon how much power you give others over you dictates the concentration of your inner strength.  
    4. Questioning my inner critic.  I conversed with the voice in my head that told me I didn’t matter.  I challenged it.  I stood up to it, and then I took control.  Sounds unusual, I know…but it is a technique I have had great success using with my clients.
  • A Strong Start  It’s hard to put gratitude into practice when you are struggling, so I created an audio recording that helped me achieve a state of gratitude without feeling like I was forcing it or faking it.  You can download the version that best suits your current life situation here (for free).  The reason this has worked so well for me is that it gently guided me to a place of quiet.  Then, from that clear space, it directs me to FEEL the love I have in my life.

I know it may seem hard to believe that there is a place within you that holds pure love for you, especially if you are in the middle of a very tough time.  I have been there, and I too was a skeptic.  But I have experienced the quiet that can come even in the midst of the toughest storm.  If I can find it, you can too.  It requires a commitment — there are no shortcuts.  However, the long-term satisfaction will allow you to breathe in the life that you deserve. – Ranbir Puar

Check out Puars TEDx talk here:

and be sure to check out her business

You can also find her on Twitter here:

I hope Puar has moved you in some way to follow your inner guide and breathe in a life that you deserve.

3 thoughts on “Guest Blog: Ranbir Puar- “Breathe in the life that you deserve”

  1. Bang on! Surrender is certainly key. I have had more than one surrender in my 64 years. Now I try to listen so I don’t have to crash to hear. Gratitude, great reminder, thank-you. Never hard to find something to be grateful for. A long time ago, my first entry into my gratitude journal was, “I am breathing unassisted.” It quickly got better.
    You are doing great work Ranbir. I am sure you are making our world better, one person at a time. That is all it takes! Thank-you

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Farren. I also appreciate your kind words and support. I agree, if you listen to your inner-guidance system you don’t have to crash. Learning how to do that is what takes discipline and practice, but it is well worth it. I like how you started small with the journal. It is the small steps that make all the difference from moving to instant gratification to long-term satisfaction.

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