I failed the Summer wardrobe remix challenge

During the month of July I took part in a Summer Wardrobe Remix challenge: Wear 30 existing items of clothing for 30 days and I failed BIG TIME!! 

I found it extremely hard to get dressed every damn day. I mean, I got dressed, but to actually put myself together in a cute outfit and apply make-up was tough.

Working from home has its advantages and it definitely has its disadvantages. If I worked outside of the home I would put myself together. However most days,  I live in my workout clothes, unless I have an event, appointment or a place to go other than driving the kids to school.

In the beginning, the challenge was easy and it felt good to put together a few outfits. But after week 1, the tough part was remembering to take pictures of the outfits. I  would be rushing out of the house to go somewhere and I would suddenly remember I had to take a photo of my outfit. One day my husband had to pull back into the driveway so I could stand in front of the garage for my #ootd photo. Man, it was honestly a lot of effort. LOL!

Putting myself together takes time and effort. When I carve out a few extra minutes for myself to actually put a bit of makeup on and get dressed in clothes that aren’t meant for yoga, I feel good. I feel put together and the truth is I’m more likely to post a picture in a put together outfit!

I also realized that if I don’t put myself together every day I still feel good! I’m ok with throwing a hat on my head and leaving the house super casual and I’m happy getting dressed up for other things.

Although I failed at getting dressed in my outfits for 30 days straight. I learned I can totally pull outfits from my existing wardrobe and make them work ( when I’m not lazy and make time).

All in all, I learned I’m content when I’m casual, with little makeup and I’m content with a lot of make-up and a cute outfit on.

I can remix existing clothes in my wardrobe, and I should probably schedule the time to ‘get ready’ so when I do have to, it’s not so rushed!


One thought on “I failed the Summer wardrobe remix challenge

  1. All of these dresses are absolutely stunning! I love the one inspired by Aubrey Plaza’s dress. I think that watching the Emmy’s and other award shows is actually a great way to get inspired when it comes time to look for a wedding dress. This is especially the case if you’re having trouble figuring out what your style is. Thank you for sharing!

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