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My generous and hard-working mompreneur pal  Lorene founder and maker of  Glitter and Spice  teething jewelry sent  some stylish, teething necklaces my way.  Lorene is super generous, talented and probably one of the most supportive mompreneurs I’ve met. She custom-made my youngest daughter a necklace after  seeing my daughters bedroom in a photo,  she thought she would make my daughter a necklace in all of her favorite pastel colors. Although Charley isn’t a teething baby any longer, she still loves wearing her necklace, and she receives compliments on it all. the. time! In fact,  each time someone compliments her necklace Charley responds, “It’s for babies to chew on. I’m not a baby anymore, but sometimes I still chew on it.” It sounds like Charley’s  a pretty  good sales woman. LOL!


Lorene also sent my nephew who’s turning 1 in a few days a Glitter & Spice adorable Oreo teether. And… he LOVES it! My sister sent me some adorable pics of him chewing away on his new teether cookie and man, are they ever CUTE.

IMG_6379 IMG_6380



Here’s what Glitter and Spice has to say about the Oreo teether  & necklaces which my nephew and daughter clearly enjoy:

“The world’s favorite cookie is now available as a perfect teether for your teething babe! Pair it with one of our stylish teething necklaces to make any outfit swoon worthy. Made from 100% food grade silicone, our products are free from harmful chemicals and has zero calories!”

“Our teething jewelry (chewelry) is truly the perfect teether, and toy all wrapped up in one trendy & chic accessory!  What our customers love most is a range of choice, and the option to customize their very own design! Our necklaces come in 4 sizes to accommodate everyone in the family – Adult 32’, Little Kid 22’, Toddler 20’ and Infant 18’. Whether you choose something bold or delicate, I wanted my jewelry to transform any outfit. After all, we all know that with the right shoes and accessories any outfit can go from boring to fabulous!”

What makes Glitter & Spice necklaces so great?
 Handcrafted in Vancouver, Canada
 Stylish & chic designs
 Soft texture feels good on sore, teething gums
 Provides visual & tactile stimulation for babies 
 Many moms find our jewelry helpful to keep baby focused on nursing
 Breakaway safety clasp for those strong babies who like to pull
 Washable with soap and water
 Dishwasher Safe/Freezer Safe

We provide high quality products that are free from nasty chemicals:
 100% Food Grade Silicone
 BPA Free
 No Phthalates
 No Lead
 No PVCs
 Organic untreated wood

I’m so glad a baby I know and love is using the Glitter & Spice oreo teether! This is definitely a teether I wish I had for mine when they were young. Be sure to also check out the other awesome styles of teething necklaces for your littles. Charley and I’ve been wearing ours as stylish statement pieces!


And..these necklaces are so stylish they were seen in Harper’s Bazaar! As-seen-in-Harpers (1)

 Be sure to check out the other styles here! I could go for a real oreo now 😉 

Instagram: @shopglitterandspice

Twitter: glitter_n_spice


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