Guest Blog : How Karla Dreyer styled her life from the inside out!

A couple of weeks ago I put a call out to guest bloggers on my Instagram feed and the response was huge. Many women, fellow bloggers, mompreneurs, and some male bloggers expressed interest in sharing their stories, parenting tips, fashion, and most importantly how they style their life from within.

At the end of the day, we all deserve to live a life that feels good within, and I’m not the only person with a voice. There are many others who want to courageously share their stories too! However, sometimes it’s not the easiest thing to share. That being said, I’m happy to share this  platform for others to share their stories, because supporting, encouraging, and empowering others fills me up on the inside. And… I’m positive when others share their truth, it will fill them up too!

That being said, this weeks guest blog post is written from a friend of mine I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with on this journey. Her name is Karla Dreyer. Karla is the founder of Karla Dreyer Design,  not only is she a super talented designer, she is also a wonderfully authentic woman, who oozes positive, good vibes. Karla is a wife and  mom to two beautiful young daughters, and she is sharing with you how she styled her life from the inside out.


Karla Dreyer Design

How I styled my life from the inside out…

I remember being in my early 20’s and feeling such a pressure to figure out what I ‘should do with my life.’ What a daunting thing to decide.

In some ways the options were endless and in other ways it seemed so limited. I felt I needed to decide right away.

I took various courses in college, worked some non-stimulating jobs and travelled. Sounds like a typical youth.

I also got married very young. Luckily in my case it all worked out and 16 years later we’re still together with two little girls. We have grown up together.

But, I found this made me feel like I needed a profession. I needed to be an adult.

So, I went and got my degree in Public Relations and worked in the real estate/mortgage industry which I grew up in.

One thing led to another and years of working at a few high-profile companies, and family connections, led me to become Vice President of a National Mortgage Company.

From the outside it looked great. I lived in Yaletown, drove a BMW, ate out most nights for dinner with my husband and friends, travelled, dressed in nice suits. But on the inside I was losing a part of myself every day.

The hard part was I wasn’t completely aware of it. I knew I wasn’t happy but instead of thinking this path might be wrong, I thought there must be something wrong with me.

People would love to have this life, I’m so unappreciative, there is something wrong with me. Those were all the thoughts in my head.

I devoured self-help books, talked to therapists and started working on myself as a full-time gig.

I came to a point where I knew I was out of alignment but that’s the easy part. The hard part is making the changes.

In 2006, I had a turning point. I was in Montreal on work, at the top of my game (from others point of view) and when I returned at night to my fancy hotel room I was empty.

It was that fork in the road where change happens.

I knew there was something different out there for me. But, where to start.

I started a blog – Lovin That. I included things that I loved. People where always asking where I got certain home and fashion stuff so I thought why not share. I had a whopping 53 followers but it gave me a creative outlet.

I also dabbled with the idea of starting a children’s clothing line after the birth of my first daughter as I was obsessed with baby fashion.

And then I moved houses and the magic began. I became obsessed with design blogs. I mean obsessed. I then worked with a local blogger/designer on my home.

Through that process I realized this was the combination of finding something you love and your good at. That’s how it’s supposed to feel.

Though I knew this was the right path, it wasn’t so easy to make the shift. I had worked so long in the other industry and starting something new seemed overwhelming.

Looking back I kept it under wraps for too long, afraid what people would say if I spoke my truth. And you know what, some people didn’t like my truth. I’m still working on that one.

I poured myself into learning anything and everything about design that I could. I drafted a business plan.

As like most great businesses my business plan was out the window when a friend recommended someone to me to design their office. I wasn’t ready! But, I was.

I did a kick ass job on that small project and led me to  three other referrals from the client. And so the journey began.

Last year, I got an 8 page spread published in Style At Home Magazine which was super exciting as it’s a validation of the work. As much as we shouldn’t need that, it’s always nice to have those markers along the way. Showing us we’re on the right path.

This past year, I’ve really focused on E-Decor, which is a virtual design program. This is my sweet spot.

My deep core desire is to inspire and empower women and girls. I’ve been able to do this through my work and by being a purpose driven business where for every E-Decor I give a portion to girls around the world.

The business keeps evolving, I keep learning and it’s a journey that I know has a deeper meaning for me and others.

So I feel like a should leave you with a bit of a lesson on this journey. You know the answer. Your body will tell you when things are not feeling right. We all feel like frauds. We all make mistakes. We’re all learning. But if something lights you up – go for it. That’s where the magic happens.


Karla’s right we’re all learning. Her story has taught me to continue on the path of doing what I love! I hope Karla has inspired you to style your life from within, and to always go for the things that light you up inside.

To follow Karla on her journey and for style and design tips go to proceeds from her E-designs support girls around the world. How amazing is that?

You can follow Karla as she continues to live out her passion on these social media channels:



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