Making memories in Summerland B.C

This past weekend, our  family went  on a little getaway to Summerland B.C. We left Friday and came home this afternoon. My aunt and uncle have a cozy lake front cabin on a massive lot. We stayed in a tent on their property in front of the water. It felt like camping, except we still used the cabin to shower, use the washroom, and cook. I’m not a huge fan of camping in the wild, especially  going to the bathroom outside, so this type of camping was comfortable.

During our stay we swam in the lake countless times, went for a visit to the water park, and beach nearby. We jumped off the docks, had ice-cream, stayed up late, barbecued for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We told ghost stories, danced, played in the sand, and stayed up way past our bed time!

In fact, the first night our youngest was extremely hyper. It was most likely the  long car ride ( my husband accidentally took the wrong  route) so all the sitting made her restless. She also fell asleep for most of the ride so when we arrived she was all charged up and ready to party! For this reason, it was extremely difficult to try to get her to sleep. She has  never slept in a tent. Therefore, the new surrounding, the sound of the crickets, and the fact she was hyped up on excitement, made her jump all over us.  I’ll be honest,  it was pretty annoying. My patience was getting low, so I told her to get out of the tent and run around the grass twenty times!  She unzipped the tent, ran around a few times,  came back huffing and puffing and said, ” I’m still not tired!”  Finally, she decided to get under the covers and then within seconds  screamed, “UUGH, those crickets are SO loud! I can’t sleep!!!”  Anyways, she finally fell asleep, and I can laugh about it now. Sleeping in a tent  was fun, when our youngest wasn’t jumping all over us  and fell asleep right away!

While sleeping in a tent was one of the many memories we made, swimming topped the cake! My girls would not get out of the water!






It was hard for me  to get me out of the water too! It was so hot so the best way to cool  was to jump right in! This is my sister and I leaping into the lake off of the dock. Naturally, I’m the one plugging my nose.


And, how can you say no to ice cream or a  popsicle.I’m pretty sure my girls even had a  popsicle ( or two) for breakfast!


Gorgeous willow trees surrounded the lake and my girls couldn’t resist hanging on for a swing or two.




I think my nephew was feeling a bit relaxed.  Like I mentioned we spent a lot of time in the lake.


When we weren’t in the water, we were spending time with one another and taking in every moment of this gorgeous view.


The three days flew by. It was so nice to spend some quality time with the family. I’ll admit, I’m happy to be back in my bed tonight, but I will miss the sound of the crickets, and waking up to that stunning view. We sure do live in a beautiful place. Our next  beautiful British Columbia getaway will be at the end of the month in Osoyoos!

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